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#275 continued:

Can anything, including us, be really pinned down in space and time? Or are we quantum entangling in and with space and time . . . always quantum entangling and entangled in two or more places (two or more velocities (momentums) / two or more positions) both in space and in time all at once and all the time . . . SPACETIME, that is?!
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"Certain frameworks"! My own modeling, my own picturing, my own framework, is still showing up to be holding together well in yet another piece of it.

I wouldn't usually put a pointer to the above here in Cosmology if I hadn't been applying the "certain frameworks" before to a few different frameworks here in Cosmology:

"Normally if event A comes first and causes event B, it is assumed that B cannot in turn cause A at the same time," Yuanbo Chen, a physicist at the University of Tokyo, told Live Science. "However, recent advancements in theoretical physics propose that in certain frameworks, scenarios where 'A causes B' and 'B causes A' could simultaneously be true."

Yes! And it isn't time reversal! They aren't talking time reversal! And neither am I . . . neither was I . . . when describing certain possible, certain probable, cosmological concurrencies!

Only the principle (the possibility and probability) need be confirmed to be simultaneous true.
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As I see them, the 2-d surface FLATLAND of the universe is the 'matter' of the universes(s). The 3-d volume BALLOON of the universe(s) is the 'energy' of the universe(s). Neither really speaks to the trojan third element, the antigravitational breadth to the infinite, and the gravitational depth to the infinitesimal, of the universe(s). Though, in fact, there is no nonlocal, nonfinite (non-discreet quanta), nonrelative, difference between infinite and infinitesimal.

We are on our way to energy from fusion . . . more energy out than is put in. The universe(s) are always and forever getting more energy out than is put in. Or so "expansionism" (inclusive of the "put in" of 'gravity', too) seems.
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And so, it continues (I couldn't find it direct from original source, Live Science, so I bring it here indirectly with hope it sticks around long enough):

"9 discoveries that prove Einstein was right about the universe -- and 1 that proves him wrong", Story by Brandon Spektor.

Last caption by Brandon Spektor:

"Wrong about 'spooky action-at-a-distance'"

"In a phenomenon called quantum entanglement....

"'We showed that Einstein's worldview.... in which things have properties whether or not you observe them, and no influence travels faster than light, cannot be true -- at least one of those things must be false,' study co-author Morgan Mitchell, a professor of quantum optics at the Institute of Photonic Sciences in Spain, told Live Science in 2018."

Two things here: First, "frame bending" is not frames of space and time bending (as so often presented) but series frames of light bending. They are not one and the same . . . as I keep describing and harping on . . . and there is at least one universe of difference (complete!) between the two.

Second, there is a fundamental geometry, a fundamental physic, cosmological physicists have almost totally ignored -- largely throwing in the waste basket of cosmological physics since the time of physicist Einstein's theories and astronomer Hubble afterward . . . the 'circle!', and circles, of time and turnover of universe(s)!
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Though I put this as a posting elsewhere it is a repetitive furtherance of all above also (hopefully deepening understanding a bit more):

There is a 0-d point / 1-d string "singularity" 'other' to the universes(s). The Planck / Big Bang collapsed (collapsing) cosmological constant Horizon of all of an infinity of discreet quanta horizon universes (u) . . . aka the multi-dimensional 'Infinite MULTIVERSE Universe' (U).

Just don't put that Horizon (H) 'Set' "singularity" together -- as being nakedly linear -- with what is inside and/or outside of that Horizon (H) 'Set'. They are a fundamental binary base2 "and/or".
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The ponderous machination of a Planck / Big Bang (Big Black, Dark, Concavity / Big White, Pale, Convexity) collapsed (which is to say ever collapsing) cosmological constant (/\) Horizon 'Set' of an infinity of horizon universes . . . Infinite MULTIVERSE Universe . . . is THE ever active, Timeless, spontaneous REALTIME, 'Cosmic Generator' (frontiers' generator . . . generator of "endless beginning (endless beginnings)").

And it (that 'Cosmic Generator') is always and eternally "fossil" fueled!

Going deeper, reiterating from post #280 (plus....):

"Second, there is a fundamental geometry, a fundamental physic, cosmological physicists have almost totally ignored -- largely throwing in the waste basket of cosmological physics since the time of physicist Einstein's theories and astronomer Hubble afterward . . . the 'circle!', and circles, of time and turnover of universe(s)!" (Verse: Turn)

Happy Holidays, whatever your positive persuasion.
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Even I can admit big mistakes. Herein in my threads and posts trying to tie the strong force directly to the gravitational/antigravitational force like the weak force ties directly to the electromagnetic force in the electroweak force was a major mistake.

I've been wondering which of the fundamental forces is behind the fractal zooms structure (the square matrices or eigenvectors) of the universe(s). Only one fits the bill, suits, and it is the strong force . . . which puts that fundamental force in a third, trojan, placement to the electroweak and gravitational/antigravitational fundamental forces.

As to the gravitational/antigravitational fundamental force:

"Sow the wind(s), reap the whirlwind(s)!" (if you can understand it)
As I read it the 2-dimensional FLATLAND surface layers of matter's materialism just grows more interesting all the time:


1.) 0-d point 'spontaneous REALTIME' Horizon (H) Singularity (S) (horizon (h) singularities (s)).
2.) 1-d string ring(s) ('circle', and circles, of endless time and universe(s) endless turnover (verse = turn)).
3.) 2-d surface FLATLAND ((infinitely flat) 'matter' universe(s) ("onions have layers" -- Shrek)).
4.) 3-d volume SPHERE (balloon 'energy' universe spheres).
5.) 4-d holographic past-future histories (single-sided 2-d frames of light-time-histories in conical universe series (simulated, simulating, SPACETIME universe horizons . . . there in SPACETIME in observationally infinitely flat / relative light-time frame horizon(s) but where?! the missing entirety of then concurrent broad and deep space-time 'matter-energy' universes?!?! . . . would be countless, I repeat countless, 4-dimensional space-time bubble holograms).


Just grows more interesting all the time (inclusive, very inclusive! of the possibilities of light turning to matter (#284)).
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"3.) .... 'Onions have layers' -- Shrek" (fractal zooms universe(s) structure . . . layers, levels, universe(s) in horizon(s) to infinity, 'Set and Reset to the base two') (#285)!

"Communication across the revolutionary divide is inevitably partial." -- Thomas S. Kuhn.

"The total energy of the universe(s) equals zero." Stephen Hawking . . . among others.
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"History always repeats itself in large, though rarely, if ever, in small detail." -- noted historian, Will Durant . . . the first part, the quantum singularity . . . the second part, discreet quanta.

The 'Horizon' fourteen billion light years out and fourteen billion years ago (or twenty-eight -- plus -- billion light years out and years ago) is 'Tomorrowland' . . . always and forever going "back to the future!" (forward to the past ("The Final Frontier!" (You could say the Universe (U) knows what it is doing).)

0-point! Spontaneous REALTIME!

"The total energy of the universe(s) equals zero." -- Stephen Hawking, among others. (The total mass-energy of the Horizon, the horizons altogether, equals zero.)
New Year's Eve! Happy New Year, one and all!

One of the reasons the famous mathematician Kurt Godel curled up into a fetal ball having gone nuts was trying to calculate the numbers of points in a string. It's not possible. Timing time, whether the frequency of 'spontaneous REALTIME', or the sequencing of the 'simulacrums' of 'SPACETIME', turns out to be a try to reach infinite density of 0-dimensional points in a 1-dimensional string . . . reaching that infinite density and coming up with an infinitely empty abyss, void, vacuum, at one and the same 'time'. A 'circle' of time -- a string ring -- always, eternally, massed and massing (densely) into and (holing) out of itself . . . holing into and massing out of itself. The naked singularity of a fundamental binary base2 ('0' and/or (+/-)'1').

Just how (layer / level) dense is an infinitely flat surface "flatland universe"? A fractal zooms' structure? Fundamental binary base2 (always [inclusive/exclusive] of the (parity) trojan)?

Happy New Year, one and all!
All that I described above in #289 does not prevent the speed of the leading-edge front of a spontaneous REALTIME from being exactly the same constant of 'c' as the speed of light. That is never the speed of the simulacrum histories within the frames of SPACETIME, though. Nor do those relative simulacrum speeds add on to or subtract from the universal constant ('c') of the speed of light . . . the universal constant ('c') of the speed of REALTIME's front (#288). SPACETIME is a matter of framing simulacrum distance and rate of increase (in distance going away from the local)) or decrease (in distance oncoming to the local) in framing simulacrum distance.

SPACE is a current concurrency of universes and not observable (concurrency of universes is instantaneous and therefore not observable). Thus, observation is always a matter of observing lagging SPACETIME histories, and observation itself being a manipulation of dimensional simulations, potential energies, immediate to the observer and no farther than immediate to.... Even quantum entanglement, "spooky action at a distance," is a matter of instantaneous concurrency, and is SPACE in MULTIVERSE 'multi-dimensionality' not observable!
Relativity breaks down here and builds up (comes into being) there.... Spontaneous, concurrent, REALTIME breaking out into quantum entangling discreet quanta, light cone to light cone, vortex to vortex, universe to universe.

Hawking's "Grand Central Station" of Universe and its frozen GCS clock . . . Einstein's mind's eye trip and arrival at photo-frozen 0-point SPOL . . . both speak to the shared commonality of one and the same Planck / Big Bang collapsed cosmological constant (/\) Horizon Universe set of an infinity of horizon universes. A fractal zooms universe structure.

Speed of light/speed of REALTIME timing, 'c', equals 'c' = '0' (0-point) (Einstein's/Hawking's) = 300,000kps = Horizon 'constant'.
Once more: "Brevity is the soul of wit, but repetition is the heart of instruction." -- Gen. George S. Patton, Jr.

Also in his most famous book concerning time, 'A Brief History of Time', Stephen Hawking envisions life eternally migrating 'Middle Earth'-like through "life zones" of countless universes, themselves "many worlds" eternally migratory in the multiverse circles of REALTIME, end to end, beginning to beginning, beginning to end, end to beginning, observable past histories (hologram simulacrums), un-observably dark universe future histories observable to travelers passing relativity to relativity (concurrent SPACE to SPACE) only.

Thus there are two travelers splitting out from the one traveler, the observable simulacrum universe simulacrum traveler that observably travels past histories (slowing down in time) into the pasts of SPACETIME, and the dark objectively real universe objectively real traveler that un-observably travels future histories (remaining concurrent in concurrent REALTIME) into the futures of REALTIME. The reverse of the picture, the objectively real REALTIME traveler's oncoming travel to the observer (the REALTIME observer) causes the holographical simulacrum traveler to have to speed up, accelerate up, in SPACETIME to catch up to merge with the objectively real traveler at arrival to shake hands with the observer. A split out into an ever expanding triangulation of three point corners (two un-observable reals, one observable simulacrum), a pair of triangulations actually (one relative to observer / one relative to traveler) . . . then in return, an ever contracting triangulation of three corners of a triangle (two dark universe reals, one observable universe simulacrum; each triangulation).

Light and SPACETIME, no matter in the microcosm or in the macrocosm are a matter of countless always single facing single-sided 2-dimensional frames . . . a matter of photo- / photonic- framing. Their cosmic meeting crossings, crossroads, are always omni-faceted 0-point-enclosed Einsteinian 0-speed.

Which always leads the other in the race anywhere? The dark universe real or the observable universe simulacrum? Until the finish line, in oncoming. that is, when the simulacrum catches up finally from always being behind (a past history), the (was [yet-to-be-observed] future history) real.

And by the way, I guess I'll drop a bombshell . . . there is no real difference between "speed" and "distance" in the universe. As in the "distance" to the "speed" of light . . . "distance" to the Planck / Big Bang collapsed cosmological constant (/\) 'Horizon' set of an infinity of horizon universes (including this one), momentum and/or position, superposition, 0-point to 0-point.... Again, there is no real difference between "speed" and "distance" in the universe.

'Asymptote': A line that approaches a given curve but does not meet it at any finite! distance.

"From a drop of water...."
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Once more:

My unsane but immortal intergalactic traveler travels infinities of galaxies, galaxy to galaxy eternally, radial 0-point-center of universe to radial 0-point-center of universe, noticing that a collapsed cosmological constant of 'Horizon' of the universe always remains 14-billion (or is it 28-billion?) light years distant from each and every radial 0-point-center the traveler occupies whether horizontal in breadth of universe or vertical in depth of universe. A constant 'set', and 'reset', of the traveler's 'Horizon' to the constant.

My unsane but immortal intergalactic traveler has the kind of ship that can travel at ever increasing speeds -- in its constant of acceleration -- made black hole universe to made black hole universe, to made black hole universe, in multiverse depths and never lock into the 0-point-center singularity of any one of them, excepting the one of the 'Horizon set' the traveler, and everything else, never leaves in the first place.
The universe acceleratingly expands out in asymptotically antigravitational dead straight lines radiating out from every 0-point-center of universes and do not touch gravity's curvatures (herein the very meaning, in very large, of 'asymptote'). Every 0-point-center of universe, though, is a quantum singularity and along every asymptotically antigravitational dead straight line radiating out of and away from that 0-point-center there will be more discreet quanta manifesting into infinities of horizon universes, infinities of white holes, infinities of galaxies, infinities of stars, infinities of quantum particle-waves, infinities of quantum singularity 0-point-centers.

Along asymptotically antigravitational dead straight lines...: Square matrix, eigenvector, fractal zooms structure of universe(s)!

Those asymptotically antigravitational dead straight lines radiating away, expanding away, expanding universe appearing, are observed and observable, and are not opinion (well not much)! Though opinion literally surrounds observations from the beginning of recorded history to this very minute! Science is ever, and ever will be, filled to the brim baked in with half-baked opinion . . . science ever being "incomplete"!

Opinion: "An estimation of the quality or worth of something!"

The map is not the territory: "Communication across the revolutionary divide is inevitably partial." -- Thomas S. Kuhn.

"Asymptote: A line that approaches a given curve but does not meet it at any finite distance."

(Once more) Opinion: "An estimation of the quality or worth of something!"

Estimation: "A rough calculation of the value, number, quantity, or extent of something! A judgement of the worth or character of
something!" (Character of something: Attribute of something!)

One definition of war (from Albert Einstein): "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds...." -- Albert Einstein.
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Not that I see it quite this way, but there some similarity is . . . and out today not long after I wrote. Independent. Paralleling tracks. Go! Go! Go!
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Brought from elsewhere to connect, to entangle ("spooky action at a distance"), dots (0-point-centers):

"The Planck / Big Bang collapsed cosmological constant (/\) of a Horizon set of all of an infinity of horizons can and will exist providing one realizes it is the systematic closed up Horizon of an all otherwise open system . . . and not a "Once-Upon-A-Time" magic!

"'Verse,' Latin 'versus,' means 'turn,' 'to turn,' as in 'turnover' and/or a constant of turnovers . . . as in a seamless constant of offsetting parallel universe offsetting turnovers (altogether then, Einstein's and Hubble's, and Hawking's as well (Hawking's 'Grand Central Station' and eternally existing / eternally migrating, Middle Earth / middle universe / many worlds, 'Life Zone') 'static universe' . . . Schrodinger-like 'is' and 'isn't' at one and the same time)."

The Universe (U) at largest neither loses nor gains information, neither creates nor destroys itself. A universe partly of past histories [observed] and partly of future histories ever [as just yet-to-be-observed] . . . entangling "spooky action at a distance." Fractal zooms structure (set and reset). Self similarity.

Asymptotic.... "The universe acceleratingly expands out in asymptotically antigravitational dead straight lines radiating out from every 0-point-center of universes and do not touch gravity's curvatures (herein the very meaning, in very large, of 'asymptote')." -- Post #294 . . . every 0-point-center! "At-a-distance" in the observation of the observer here, everywhere in the universe "here" is, all those 0-point-center dots entangling and compacting in compositions and densities ", an increasingly compacted universe in "observation" . . . "at-a-distance" (the map is not the territory it maps)!

Travel out along one of those asymptotically antigravitational dead straight lines radiating out from every 0-point-center many trillions points of "future histories" and stop -- relatively speaking -- and look around. An observable dark universe future history SPACETIME from here, a spontaneous, concurrent, REALTIME there . . . the current, the concurrent, "here" for the traveler. What appeared more compacted in compositions and densities in the observed past histories observed (sic), will oddly appear not so compacted anymore, appearing very self-similar to the universe at large as observed by the observer from Earth. Appearing a fractal zooms structure. Appearing very similar to a "static universe."
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By the way, an asymptotic antigravitational dead straight line of fractal zooms universe structure (tying to the strong binding -- aka strong nuclear -- force), entangling "spooky action at a distance" . . . spoke of in posts above . . . in so many and various illustrations of such by cosmologists and physicists in math and art, is also the 'dead straight line' describing hyperspace "warp space" and "wormholes."

The expanding universe, observed, is observed to be expanding along asymptotically 'antigravitational' dead straight lines . . . expanding altogether faster than the speed of light.
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Gravity and curvature in the universe aren't cause and effect because they are one and the same thing, the built-in force of the geometry and the built-in geometry of the force.

Devoid of all (positive energy) volume . . . Menger sponge curvature(s). Sierpinski carpet curvature(s). Cantor set topology.

Not a straight line in gravity. All curvature. The straighter the line of universe, the more antigravitational the geometry (hyperspatial asymptotic). When it comes to the curvatures in universe(s), think gravity (gravities), see curvature (curvatures). Force or observed simple geometry, it makes no difference whatsoever (they are interconvertible).
Once more "repetition is the heart of instruction" -- Gen. George S. Patton, Jr.:

The Earth we live on does not appear to be contracted, compacted, to a point. Take a trip to the distant point of Horizon / at once the speed of light (as in Einstein's "mind's eye" trip), a "spooky action at a distance," and the Earth, the Solar System, the Milky Way galaxy, Its galactic cluster, and all its surrounding universe, contracts, compacts, into a 0-dimensional featureless point horizon / a collapsed cosmological constant (/\) horizon of all past-future (past and future) histories / an infinitesimal (at once, at the same time, infinite) infinity.

Amazing the self-similarity to our local-relative universe a traveler would probably find, probably observe, at that "distance!" -- at once at that "speed!" -- from our occupied and observed local-relative universe. It would, of course, prove a line-straight fractal zooms structure (to infinity / at once "to base set and reset") of hyper SPACE / and the existence of spontaneous, universally current and concurrent, REALTIME points (0-point-centers!) / And, finally, otherwise, the all-time and times past-future histories curvature (countless offsetting curvatures which altogether in ['1' (unity)] produce a Horizon constant of so-called "static universe") of SPACETIME.

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