From a drop of water....

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I think Gibsense elsewhere ("Relativity of simultaneity....") with a wink said that I win. If so, little does Gibsense know.

Stephen Hawking once or twice alluded to the proposition that the grand total of matter and energy of the universe(s) equals zero. Also, the grand total of universes. Also, the grand total of infinities.

What? Why? How so?

Easy! I've alluded to it often enough . . . The "Mirror" mirroring matter, energy, particles, worlds, stars, galaxies, universes, infinities. Mirror matter. Mirror energy. Mirror particles. Mirror worlds. Mirror stars. Mirror galaxies. Mirror universes. Mirrored (sic) infinities.

Where? When?

I alluded to it so often some who read me must have it memorized. My 'Horizon' "El Ponderosa!" (Interconvertible! . . . At once one and the same!)

"The grand total of matter and energy of the universe(s) equals zero. Also, the grand total of universes. Also, the grand total of infinities." (Planck Horizon / Big Bang Horizon / one and the same collapsed cosmological constant (/\) / .... -- The almighty dense 'Abyss' ('Mirror') inside / outside.)
Hmmm! A photon, like anything else, as an objective reality, if an objective reality rather than a subjective relativity, cannot possibly be observed in spontaneous, current / concurrent, REALTIME (which observably -- as with current / concurrent and, thus, un-observable SPACE -- is a matter of the future light cone (a future history)). The constant of the speed of light, 'c', is an objective reality and thus 'emergent' in spontaneous, current / concurrent, REALTIME. Both (un-observable SPACE and REALTIME) exist, stand, in hyper 'superposition' to observed and observable Einsteinian 'SPACETIME'. (Asymptotically antigravitational line-straight to gravitational curvature.)

Quite interesting!

Also with it:

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"From a drop of water, a logician could infer the possibility of an Atlantic or a Niagara without having seen or heard of one or the other...." -- Arthur Canon Doyle, 'Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Scarlet'.

Amazing the relationships probable between the microcosmic and the macrocosmic. I claim the microcosm models the macrocosm . . . beyond 'Relativity' that is:

1.) "Planck" Horizon (microcosm) || "Big Bang" Horizon (macrocosm).
2.) "Atom" (microcosm) || "universe" (u) (macrocosm).
3.) "Superposition" (microcosm) || "hyperspace" (macrocosm).
4.) "Quantum" entanglement (microcosm) || "wormhole" or "tunnel" space entanglement (macrocosm).
5.) Micro (individual/personal) computing systems || macro (CPU -- unitary -- mainframe) computing system.
6.) Countless space 'wheel' stations/Stanford Torus-type space colonies (microcosmic)|| planets (2), moons (few) (macrocosmic).

"From a drop of water...."
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Insertion continuing #306:

1.) "Planck" Horizon (microcosm) || "Big Bang" Horizon (macrocosm).
2a.) "Atom" (microcosm) || "universe" (u) (macrocosm).
2b.) Endless discreet quanta (microcosm) || endless discreet quanta (macrocosm).
3a.) "Momentum / position / uncertainty" (microcosm) || "momentum / position / uncertainty" . . . beyond 'Relativity', that is (macrocosm).
3b.) "Superposition" (microcosm) || "hyperspace" (macrocosm).

4.) "Quantum" entanglement (microcosm) || "wormhole" or "tunnel" space entanglement (macrocosm).
5.) Micro (individual/personal) computing systems (microcosmic) || monolith-macro (CPU -- unitary -- mainframe) computing systems (macrocosmic).
6.) Countless space 'wheel' stations/spaceships/Stanford Torus- type (individual/personal) space colony 'Arks' (microcosmic) || monolith-macro planetary (2)/moon (few) systems (macrocosmic).

Self-similarity . . . up to a certain point energetically / entropically, relatively speaking, that is.
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Hmmm?! "Trojan"?!

Gravity = mass = curvature.
Curvature = gravity = mass.
Mass = curvature = gravity.

Asymptotic antigravity = asymptotic anti-mass = asymptotic anti-curvature.
Asymptotic anti-curvature = asymptotic antigravity = asymptotic anti-mass.
Asymptotic anti-mass = asymptotic anti-curvature = asymptotic antigravity.

Hmmm?! "Mirror" mirroring?

Hmmm?! Black holes (direction negative)? Where do the "arrows" point in a circle? . . . in a torus? . . . in a ring? . . . in a string ring? In spin? . . . in infinity ( ∞ )?

Inertial? || Inertia-less?

Casimir effect?


Wormholes . . . fractal zooms universe structure (set and reset) . . . more....?

"Devoid of all (positive energy) volume . . . Menger sponge curvature(s). Sierpinski carpet curvature(s). Cantor set topology."

"'The grand total of matter and energy of the universe(s) equals zero. Also, the grand total of universes. Also, the grand total of infinities.' (Planck Horizon / Big Bang Horizon / one and the same collapsed cosmological constant (/\) / .... -- The almighty dense 'Abyss' ('Mirror') inside / outside.)"
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They need to get their heads out of the sand:

Post #9 copied over from thread, "This is a possible explanation for why 'c' interaction is independent of our speed, maybe," and extended....

Try to think multi-dimensionally! "The map is not the territory!" And the more distant, thus the faster, the territory is, the more offset from the map the territory is!

The faster, the more offset, the more distant the territory.

The more offset, the more distant, the faster the territory.

SPACETIME is a map of the territory, and 'c' is a constant and thus the the light-time a past history in the past light cone the instant of single-sided 2-dimensional photo-frame (potentially in series of numbered flip-page-frames) emission. The photo flip-page-frame of history, of subjective relativity, travels at the speed of light 'c', the speed of spontaneously concurrent REALTIME 'c', into the past light cone, while the object reality is equally but oppositely traveling into, effectively, future history . . . the future light cone . . . to distant observers trying to observe, a travel into the un-observed, un-observable, "dark" universe (while they, the observers, at-a-distance, wait observation, wait time, of emitted history traveling across whatever the distances at the speed of light 'c'.

Meanwhile, the farther into the future light cone, into future history, into the un-observed and un-observable dark universe, the objectively real traveler travels, if traveling away from the observer. Even oncoming to the observer, the objectively real travelers will outrun the subjectively relative travelers (the travelers in the light!) until the instant of meeting rendezvous with objectively real observers. The difference, the accelerating expansion or contraction of the geometric universe involved, whether gaining or closing in distance (in offset), is always faster than the constant of the speed of light.

Matter and energy, such as the travelers I describe, travel into and/or out of the "dark" universe, the future light cone, future history (the un-observed and un-observable nonlocal, non-relative, current/concurrent universe "at-a-distance" [yet-to-be-observed] by observers) . . . as dark matter and dark energy. There are such things as antigravity, straighter lines, SPACE faster than the speed of light, wormholes, fractal zooms structure of the universe (set and reset), hyperspace structures.... Entangling but nonlocal (nonlocality), non-relative, thus non-finite (to observers "at-a-distance").
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Once more on the forum, light-matter interaction:

Broken symmetry...!
Do you think what I describe above in posts like #310, and in other posts in other threads, is my imagination working overtime? Then you would think the print, the safety information separating observed subjectively relative simulacrum past light cone and history from un-observed, un-observable, future light cone and history objective reality, printed at the bottom of lot of rearview mirrors in autos is also nothing but someone's imagination working overtime.

"The oncoming autos seen in this mirror are actually closer than they look." (Reality un-observably closer in un-observed -- un-observable -- current/concurrent SPACE and spontaneous REALTIME . . . a separating, dividing, out -- into two universes; one being holographic simulacrum universe SPACETIME.)

Brian Greene, among others, in videos on YouTube, among other venues, of Relativity tell us the above is all a big lie. The safety information at the bottom of so many mirrors in autos, is false (per Relativity). That there is just one traveler, the traveler, and the traveler's clock and universe, observed "in the light!" It being the only traveler, the only traveler's clock, the only universe, there is!

I can't emphasize enough the sheer blindness to realities of the professional scientists in academia doing such indoctrination into falseness when we experience reality, and are told the reality, in our own autos and more!
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More to #312 above:

Not only autos oncoming to us the observers, but also, equally but oppositely, autos receding away from us, the same observers (those receding autos being farther away in concurrent SPACE and spontaneous REALTIME than they look . . . than we observe them to be from us in coordinate holographic simulacrum 'Matrix' universe SPACETIME)! The map is not the territory (that relative time picture is not the current real territory . . . on the spot . . . pictured)!
Grand total of matter and energy equals '0'.

'c' = (+)300,000kps <-- ||0|| --> (-)300,000kps.
'c' = (+)1 <||0||> (-)1.

Light cannot escape a blackhole. "Singularity" is a blackhole entire (.... ||0|| --> (-)300,000kps ((-)1)).

Grand total of matter and energy equals '0'.

"'Mirror', 'mirror', on the wall...."
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This is likely a primordial gas cloud too far from any other object to have been triggered into star formation. Run an errant massive star through it and watch the fireworks.
Providing they are in the same space at the same time. If not, the errant massive star goes through a ghost without any effect. "Nube", if it could communicate, would say, "What star?!" The observer on Earth would be baffled by two entities totally ignoring each other in what would seem, to the observer, to be two unaware entities occupying exactly the same space at exactly the same time. A more quantum mechanical -like effect than classical.
Hydrogen is the only atom with no neutron. We don't know the detailed coefficients of how it sheds energy when trying to collapse. This is because most all of the hydrogen clouds disappeared early in time. There are none around today near us. The only ones we can observe are very far away. This one is close though, only 200 million LY away. Maybe we can learn from it, if not I shall attribute it to aliens.
My sister is an archaeologist. She says whenever they find an artifact they can't figure out what it was for they attribute it to: "ceremonial or religious purposes", so this runs in the family.
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Some physicists and astronomers, among other "once-upon-a-time-only" magicians, tell us that reformation and renormalization, the potentially "static universe" that will reform, renormalize, always into a generally steadying "steady state" from collisions (including universes; other discreet quanta) and more, does not, cannot, and will not exist:

Division, null unity ('0' (null unity) and/or '1' (unity)), infinity (infinities), finite (finites), discreet quanta, open (opening) system, many worlds (many universes (u)), will have its portion of the Cosmic All even if it has to rip it from the GUT (Grand Unification Theory) of unity (sic)!

But "unity ('1')" will have its equal but opposite portion, too! I make that portion the "Frontier [in] Horizon!" The frontiers in horizons!
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Mirror, mirror....

1.) The grand total of matter and energy, positive and negative, equals zero.
2.) The grand total of curvature, positive and negative, convex and concave, equals asymptotic straight line.
3.) The grand total of contraction equals expansion.
4.) The grand total of fractal zooms structure equals set and reset.
5.) The grand total of time equals circling arrows into itself.
6.) Hell equals "as hot as...." and/or "as cold as...."
7.) The "cat" is dead. The "cat" is alive.
8.) Fundamental binary base2 ('0' (null unity) and/or '1' (unity)) and 'trojan'.
9.) Photo equals 'still' . . . everything else equals' 'motion' . . . "position" and/or "velocity" ("momentum").
10.) ....

Equilibrium: Balance. Stable. Offset (offsets)!

"Steady now...."
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The continuing steady state balancing of matter and energy "equivalence" in the universe (all the infinities of universes):

1.) Interconvertibility . . . of energy to matter.
2.) Interconvertibility . . . of matter to energy.

.... Expansion to un-observable nonlocal, nonrelative, non-finite, infinity from observed local, relative, finite.

Finite = infinite 'potential'.

"From a drop of water, a logician could infer the possibility of an Atlantic or a Niagara without having seen or heard of one or the other...." -- Arthur Canon Doyle, Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Scarlet.

(From a wisp of "finite", a discreet quantum or quanta, a logician could infer the possibility of infinity without having ever observed infinite, infinitesimal, infinity, or infinities.)

("Mirror, mirror...." (the grand total of matter and energy equals zero).)
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From baseball, a "backstop" of mine:

I have Einstein's "mind's trip to the speed of light" and Hawking's description of the "Grand Central Station of the Universe" with single-digit, single-hand, frozen time clock (spontaneous REALTIME clock) hanging over the dead center of that Grand Central Station of Universe as one backstop. An eternally permanent fixture, a constant, of physics and cosmology . . . and spontaneous Planck / Big Bang ('superposition' fixed) 'Frontier Horizon' (H) of all of an infinity of concurrent "frontier" horizons (h).

Concurrent (Herein, "Equilibrium: Balance. Stable. Offset (offsets)!" (plus add: "Mirror, mirror...."))
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Constant external pummeling . . . except for the asymptotic (superposition) lines-straight expansionism.

Lines-straight! The prevailing view is if the count of all gravitational curvatures regarding universes were totaled up, they would total up to a universe disappeared into a point. I'm realizing, now, just the opposite in a totaling up! Inertia-less antigravitational asymptotic (superposition) lines straight appearing expansionism . . . among other potential possibilities of inertia-less antigravitational asymptotic (superposition) straight lines.
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