From a drop of water....

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So darn often, how true:

A most important generality excerpted from article authored by Jeff Wise:

"In theory, science is an entirely rational and transparent undertaking. Scientists gather data, form hypotheses, and then collect more data to find out which hypothesis is correct. That's the idea, anyway. In practice, real-life science is messy and often opaque. Data can be ambiguous. Scientists can be bull-headed. The process of shifting consensus has always been as much about politics and intellectual fashion as about theory and data...."

A truer realization has never been revealed to the world, nor the near religious attempts to bury the complexity and chaos and keep it top secret been greater.

What the article goes on to cover is something to be really hoped for and worked for, though, just as the man says.
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To post #327, adding while I'm at it, possibly obviously:

Strings, strands, bolts, "out of the blue (out of the black / out of the vac)", so to speak, lightening! ....

Spontaneous REALTIME?!

Fractal zooming?!

Hyperspace / hypertime (superposition)?!

.... ?!

("Mirror, mirror....")
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Random repeating thoughts....

Unobserved/unobservable dark matter, dark energy? 'Relatively' "dark" unobserved/unobservable future histories' future light cone. "Relatively" because of gravity's (including antigravity's) long, long, influential reaches.

Observed/observable universe equals universe in past histories' past light cone(s).

Unobserved/unobservable "dark" universe equals universe in future histories' future light cone(s).

The pivot is the 'relatively slow" -- over distance -- constant of the speed of light, the constant of 'c'.

All current spontaneously concurrent REALTIME object reality and on-the-spot real time travel is unobserved/unobservable "dark" matter and energy object reality -- and on-the-spot travelers' traveling -- in the universe(s) of future histories' future light cone(s). 'There!' -- into and in those 'futures'! -- time does NOT slow! The pasts, past histories, in the past light cone(s) must always accelerate, must always speed up (fast forward), to catch up to the futures, the future histories, in the future light cones(s).
"Once more into the breach!"

It has no center?! Then every point of it is 0-point-center (of an infinity of 0-point-centers in breadth and depth)!

It has no edge?! Then every point of it is its edge point (of an infinity of edge points in breadth and depth)!

String it! 0-point center point to 0-point center point, to 0-point center point . . . expanding to collapse in infinities of 0-point-center points!

String it! edge point to edge point, to edge point . . . expanding to collapse in infinities of edge points!

Sphere to sphere, to sphere (onion layer to onion layer, to onion layer) . . . expanding to collapse in infinities of sphere!

Horizon to horizon, to horizon . . . expanding to collapse in horizon infinities (h) in Horizon (H)!

Offset to offset, to offset . . . expanding to collapse in infinities of offset universe(s)!
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Very interesting but apparently physicist Lee Smolin, mentioned, never read 'Letters from an American Farmer': Essay: 'What is an American?', by J Hector St. John de Crevecoeur, circa 1782, on the influence a space frontier (America, 1772 -- published 1782 in London, in this case) has on the genius, particularly the mass genius, of mind. Once more, on the relationship between expansive FRONTIER (SPACE) and expansive mass genius.

Again, interesting but....

Comparatively speaking -- analogously speaking -- the origin of universe is always the highest "energy" primeval frontier weeds, our portion of the universe the complexity of a lower energy perfectly domestic civilized grass lawn, "entropy" being always the universe relentlessly, inexorably, seeking to return to the weeds of primeval frontier via collapse of complexity developed and gone too far (the development of complexity itself also being relentless, inexorable). Our relating to FRONTIER (SPACE) being an influential relating, mindfully (mass genius) and physically, to that highest energy environment of the universe.

As to the "arrow(s) of time" draw a circle. A Tolkien "ring of power" so to speak. Then draw arrows alongside it all the way round the curvature of the circle, the string-ring. You'll notice the constant procession, yet constant reversal, of arrow direction equally but oppositely. You'll notice opposed curvature, 'Mirror' hemispheres positive to negative, negative to positive, all the way round the circle curvature(s) of past histories past light cone / future histories future light cone.... The string-ring totaling the geometric shape of '0', with twists!

The arrows external to the circle, the string ring, run clockwise (spin positive, so to speak) / the arrows internal to the circle, the string ring, run counterclockwise (spin negative, so to speak) . . . the resulting trojan, Hawking's 'Grand Central Station' clock, zeroed eternally on midnight/noon, hanging over the dead center of the Station.
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As Yogi Berra said, "Deja vu all over again!":

Where did (where do!) they come from?! They came from (they come from!) the 'discreet quanta', at once 'quantum singularity', magnified inside the magnifying glass, inside the resolutions of the 'micro-scoping telescopes!', inside the light energy (the light matter), toward the Planck (Big Bang) / Big Bang (Planck) collapsed cosmological constant Horizon (of an infinity of horizon universes) microcosmically down and inside a model -- a picture -- that is exactly the same collapsed cosmological constant of Horizon (of an infinity...) macrocosmically up and outside the model . . . the picture.

It is distantly outside us . . . and also distantly inside us at the same time. As Berra said, "Deja vu all over again!"

"From a drop of water, a logician could infer the possibility of an Atlantic or a Niagara without having seen or heard of one or the other...." -- Arthur Canon Doyle, 'Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Scarlet.'

("Mirror, mirror....")

(In this case, "The map is / is not the territory!" -- an oxymoron that works! paraphrasing Erwin Schrodinger.)
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There is a strange but known glitch in the orbits of planets as observed from Earth. You could call it momentary "space and time reversal."

The planet will be proceeding along in its orbital procession as usual, then suddenly go still and appear to reverse course faster than the speed of light in its reversal and sustain reversal momentarily. Then, it will again appear to reverse course faster than the speed of light and resume its norm of procession but not from its original "observed" position before reversals but from its latest "observed" position after course reversals which will be behind in space and time of its original position before reversing courses.

Of course, the "spooky action at a distance" is a proper "observational" reset of the planet's "observed" orbital positioning that was gradually going awry -- relatively speaking, not a real reversal of course of the planet's space, the planet's universe, "reality on the spot at a distance!" Not only a reset of observed space travel but equally a reset of time travel, a reset in/of coordinate SPACETIME.

The planet was speedily oncoming, curving, to the observer in the Earth-based observer's observation, then suddenly turned about, switching to equally speedily receding away, curving away, from the observer in the Earth positioned observer's observation. Relativity there but no reality on the outside-of-observability current/concurrent space and time "entangled" spot "at a distance"!
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Einstein is supposed to have taken a "mind's eye trip" to the speed of light. I don't know what is so hot about that. All of us do every time we look into a mirror. ("Mirror, mirror....")

Hawking talked of a "Grand Central Station of Universe" with a frozen (t=0) time clock (single hand-arrow of time always pointing to the only digit on the clock, midnight/noon (t=0)) hanging over the dead center-0-point of the station, under which is the crossing of all paths, space and time. Spontaneous current/concurrent REALTIME (t=0) of the Universe, the dividing Horizon (t=0) between the past histories' past light cone and the future histories' future light cone. A tree doesn't grow from the roots up; it grows from the trunk out into its rings . . . and out into the branching roots below ground and the branches above ground, ("Mirror, mirror....")

Hawking also described the event horizons of black holes as mirroring identically the same information to either side of it. ("Mirror, mirror....")

I ponderously describe a Planck (BB) / Big Bang (P), Black Hole (WH) / White Hole (BH), collapsed cosmological constant (/\) Horizon enclosing the closed up infinity of all horizon universes (u) (an Infinite MULTIVERSE Universe). You won't ever see it, won't ever observe it, of course, since what you are trying to look at is the 'Mirror Horizon' . . . the 'Mirror (mirrored, mirroring) Horizon'. That is all you will ever look into. ("Mirror, mirror....")

"The grand total of all matter and energy (positive/negative) equals zero." ("Mirror, mirror....")

'c' = (+)300,000kps |0| (-)300,000kps ((+/-) "Mirror, mirror....")

You can't get below fundamental binary base2, '0' (null unity) and/or '1' (unity) . . . and third! the 'trojan' parity (+/-). ("Mirror, mirror....")

Einstein is supposed to have taken a "mind's eye trip" to the speed of light. He looked into a mirror. He looked into the 'Mirror Horizon (MH)'. ("Mirror, mirror....")
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There are different spaces -- sizes, folding, curving, entangling, and so on -- an Infinite (multi-dimensional) Multiverse Universe of them, so I begin to realize that when I capitalize "SPACE" I had better give it more identification . . . such as "infinite SPACE FRONTIERS!" which fits far more closely and better to "spontaneous, current/concurrent, REALTIME!" and separates both those open and/or closed systemic "UNOBSERVABLES!" far more, far better, from a closed systemic "OBSERVABLE" coordinate-holography SPACETIME!

1.) Un-observably infinite SPACE FRONTIERS. (Open systemic)
2.) Un-observably spontaneously concurrent REALTIME. (Open and/or closed systemic)
3.) Observable coordinate-holography SPACETIME. (Closed systemic)

(Holography is a technique -- in nature and artificial -- that enables a wavefront to be recorded -- again in nature and artificial -- and later reconstructed....

(A "wavefront" that has no back, no rear, to it; that is nothing but piece-lifted 2-dimensional photo-flat-frame singled-sided front "wavefront!" Of course, tangentially, a righthanded single sided 2-d photo-flat-frame front "wavefront" can be mirror reversed left-handed anti....)
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Thoughts on 'Horizon Mirror' ('Mirror Horizon' (MH)) continuin g:

Gravities may not increase in any build up of gravitational density simply with distance gaining in horizons of universe . . . horizon upon horizon, upon horizon, to infinities of fractal structural zooming.

Gravities -- with distance -- may not increase in accumulation of density but gravitational lenses, gravitational lensing, I'm betting herein in this thread. does increase in density of "lensing and curvature in lensing at all points of the spherical dome" to the point of developing an impenetrable "event horizon" wall of 'Horizon Mirror' (HM)!
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".... becomes textural . . . develops texture!" From the infinities of horizon universes, closed up (always closing up) in 'Horizon Mirror', an eternal heat energy treatment springing from reflection juxtaposition and source beginning developments of elements of the infinity of discreet quanta "atoms" / "universes." The endless beginnings and/or eternal embryonic youth . . . "Fountain of Youth", so to speak, on the way to building, forming, the fractal coarse grain chunky "Chaos" of ever increasing "Complexity" (and equal but opposite eventual, inexorable and inevitable entropic "cosmological constant of collapse" of complexity in turn/return). In offset parallelism, in concurrent SPACE FRONTIERS and spontaneous REALTIME, you see it happening / you don't see it happening!

Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? The tree or the seed? The fractal coarse grain chunky or the fractal smooth?

1.) The chicken is in the egg / the egg is in chicken.
2.) The tree is in the seed / the seed is in tree.
3.) The fractal smooth is in fractal coarse grain chunky and . . . vice versa.
(The cat is dead / the cat is alive!)
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Repetition is the heart of instruction ("Brevity may be the soul of wit but repetition is the heart of instruction." -- Gen. George S. Patton, Jr.). Since I've finalized, largely, my model Atlanoverse, and described it so many times like spokes of a wheel of space and time to rim and hub, the game has been down to defense and dimensional description tweaking.

Such as:
There are at least three dimensions to time not one, as I've described many more times than once. One primal and primary! Spontaneous concurrent 'REALTIME (t=0)' . . . 'MULTIVERSE' interconvertible with 'SPACE FRONTIERS'. The other two, the observable universe in the past histories' past light cone (coordinate-holography SPACETIME (t=+1)) and the unobservable universe in the future histories' future light cone coordinate-holography SPACETIME (t=-1)).
(Google search: "The common notation t=0 simply means 'time equals zero.' It expresses the radical and fundamental conclusion of standard Big Bang cosmology. It recognizes the connection between space and time by implying that the Big Bang did not occur in time but that time began with the Big Bang singularity.")

"Did not occur in time" (thus occurs! Thus occurs outside of all time)! Which in my Atlanoverse I tweak to "object reality occurs in spontaneous concurrent REALTIME (t=0) that never has . . . and never will . . . occur in coordinate-holography SPACETIME!" . . . SPACE FRONTIERS and REALTIME have, so to speak, moved on (object reality has, so to speak, moved on . . . and not necessarily in just one single path / universe of space frontier and real time)! Something, it seems sometimes, no professional cosmologist or physicist realizes or understands about the macrocosm regardless of the modeling of it by / done in the microcosm!

Real time (spontaneous concurrent REALTIME), universally (including primordially), always 'begins' now! The future, in its large aspect, is the past. The past, in its large aspect, is the future. It
'begins' now! Endless 'beginning' with that 'Horizon Mirror' (of Infinite MULTVERSE Universe (multi-dimensional multiverse such as describing us and all life in it)) too many call the "Big Bang"!

Monopolar "singularity", as I see it, has to do with the fundamental electroweak force (is EW "quantum singularity" rather than any gravitational "singularity"), the fifth or sixth fundamental force (the other fifth or sixth fundamental force being antigravity), and not gravity.

There is no getting below fundamental base2, '0' ("null unity") and/or '1' ("unity") . . . and, the third element of the base2, the trojan parity in/as 'Mirror' (right handedness / left handedness (+/-), so to speak).
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Repetition continuing:

We are told by some that there are no straight lines in the universe, not really. But there are asymptote (asymptotic) straight lines in the universe.

The geometrically straightest line in the universe . . . thus the shortest distance between any two points . . . is a wormhole (wormhole straight)! It is even illustrated line-straight asymptotically outside and hyper-spatially cutting the curvatures of the universe.

The asymptotic hyperspace straight lines of the supposed "expansionary universe" observed (said by many -- including me upon occasional in descriptive need -- to be expanding faster than the speed of light), are much harder to realize (to see) and illustrate for what they actually may be representing and describing, except to "Chaos" theorists and artists. May be actually representing and describing "fractal 'zooms' universe structure, the set and reset!"
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Ahh! The Mandelbrot Set! There is something about it that is downright 'cosmic' (don't I know it)!

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Ahh! The Mandelbrot Set! There is something about it that is downright 'cosmic' (don't I know it)!

A countless lot of black/white holes there in it's countless negative/positive point singularities and beauty. It ['is'] and it ['isn't']... (a Schrodinger-like...?!?!?!)!
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There are times when I feel I'm going cross-eyed regarding the universe and universes, and I know I'm right in all the multiversal multi-dimensionality.

Fractal zooms structure of universes is a matter of levels and renormalizing -- resetting -- to base 'Set'! A matter of magnifications of self-similarity up and down levels to the infinite and infinitesimal (with conservations throughout levels (with constant resetting to Set!)). Basically, "Flatland" universe structure, precluding infinite floods of floating universe bubbles and bubbling . . . even bubbles colliding and/or passing through one another fissioning (sic) and fusing discreet quanta, and so on, quantum physics-like. But, in an Infinite MULTIVERSE Universe of multi-dimensionality such differing physics do parallel without friction however contradictory they seem and are.
I can never get through to some that time (spontaneous concurrent REALTIME (t=0), that is) is based upon the universality of the Planck / Big Bang, Black / White Hole (Schrodinger-LIKE), collapsed cosmological constant (/\) point-singularity of an infinity of horizon universes [in] 'Horizon Mirror' (the Infinite MULTIVERSE (multi-dimensional) Universe (which "multiverse" THE INDETERMINATE (the indefinite) "point singularity" well describes and defines))!

How many points -- point-singularities -- to the observed, observable, balloon, ballooning, surfaces of horizon universes?! I estimate, guestimate, infinities! And ONE to the 'Horizon Mirror' . . . the 'Mirror Horizon' . . . ['Set'] of all! A very 'Dense (again, Schrodinger-LIKE) Abyss'!
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Having to FORCE "chill out"!

Heat and cold aren't somethings that just happen. They both have to be forced out of a universally balanced center of equilibrium. But the extremes of "heat and cold" in the universe do have to simultaneously exist for the "universally balanced center of equilibrium" to exist.
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Other interesting 'Lagrange Point(s) matters:

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1.) Un-observably infinite SPACE FRONTIERS. (Open systemic)
2.) Un-observably spontaneously concurrent REALTIME. (Open and/or closed systemic)
3.) Observable coordinate-holography SPACETIME. (Closed systemic)

Again as Patton said, "....Repetition is the heart of instruction":

Time begins now (spontaneous concurrent REALTIME (t-0)! Now! NOW!! Object (objective) reality exists now! Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. Universally spontaneously concurrent now and only now!

The span of t=0 (infinite '0') . . . eternity . . . forever . . . all time, and no time (nonfinite)! And in an instant . . . it (object / objective reality) has already passed on. Beginning and end, endless beginning in and on the Mirror Horizon (HM) of all horizon universes. The time of SPACE FRONTIERS (leading edge of all space (open systemic / Self-similar fractal zooms structural, set and reset continuing on to horizons' infinity)).

Time begins NOW! Spontaneous concurrent REALTIME (t=0) . . . outside SPACETIME ((t=+1 (-->)) | ((<--) (t=-1))).
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Too many still don't get it across a few similar threads here that "time dilation" in Einsteinian Relativity and SPACETIME isn't so much wrong as badly misinterpreted, not only by physicists in general but such as Einstein and, too a lesser degree, Hawking. Yes, my favorite cosmological physicist, Stephen Hawking! The misinterpretation of "time dilation" was easy to do. And as many times as I've tried to explain how I've not done it well enough to be well understood . . . else "convention" and "lazy physics" (dull thinking) remain ascendent.

Arthur C. Clark once wrote a fictional novel (I forget the title) centered on the idea of time dilation. An alien spacefaring species have made contact with humans on Earth and there is peaceful interaction though humans had yet to travel the galaxy with the aliens. One human does end up going, though, and when he returns to Earth after a few weeks or months of traveling and aging, he finds people young as he is, meaning that he had known when he left Earth, either "old as the hills" now or having died of old age while he had hardly aged at all.

There was no space in Clark's SPACETIME, the Einsteinian, interpretation. No ballooning up of distant points of space (no expansion of space) in his ballooning up of scales -- magnitudes -- of time (expansion of time); no shrinking into distant points of space (no contraction of space) in his shrinking of time (contraction of time). In other words, no reality of any merger of space and time, space and time going softly together into either inflation or deflation of SPACETIME, to be had in Einsteinian SPACETIME. Just, and only, "TIME DILATION!!!!" A slowing down in aging medical condition that causally effects some more and doesn't effect others as much and has nothing to do with space and time, or with SPACETIME, as such!

To be continued...!
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