From a drop of water....

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Interesting . . . and suddenly I have my own picture, or rather maybe one proper picture of it:

A stargate, a wormhole, across and between universe distances will have nothing in it but the internally energized and powered, and force fielded) traveler entering and at virtually the same time exiting elsewhere who might can deal with the physic of absolute nothingness (therefore, absolute everythingness and the navigation of everywhere and everything -- nowhere and nothing -- to some chosen somewhere and something possibly contained within the boundaries of nowhere and nothing (contained within the boundaries of everywhere and everything))!

To put it a little bit differently, the horizons of nowhere and nothing are in fact everywhere in everything. The possibilities are endless! And, immodestly as usual, I've been there, done that, in my picturing and modeling.
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Once more into the breach!

The outline dimensional entity structure and infrastructure of fractal zooms universe and universes (hyperspace (subspace inclusive) hyper surfaces (sub-surfaces inclusive)) is infinity base outside-in gravitational / antigravitational (infinity base down and in deepest [outside-in] gravitational) that coalesces and culminates in the strong binding force.

As fractal zoom universe outline structural / infrastructural entity it, the above, is not the same thing as the localized space bending, curving, to vortex and vortices, microcosmic and macrocosmic multi-force electroweak force's magnetic monopole / dipole moment / point singularity and vacuum entities (the EWF, as TIME entity (inclusive of hyper time traveling), being virtually structureless (it -- the Schrödinger wave function -- being there and not being there ("it is and it isn't"), all at once or at the same time) . . . as pointed out by seemingly many quantum physicists).

It seems the modern view of the physics and the cosmos has it wrong. The magnetic monopolar fields have far greater magnitude, thus far greater reaches in locality, in the universe than thought and presented. What is attributed to gravitational "force", particularly to "super-gravity force," belongs to magnitudes of virtually structureless magnetic fields, the magnetic monopole / dipole moment / point singularities and vacuum field entities (quantum field entities) within fractal zoom universe outline structural / infrastructural GSBF entity (hyperspace....).

Two points (past || future (at once, future || past . . . just in case someone doesn't get it)) is the "dipole moment."
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Universes within universes within universes within....

"What good are they since we can't observe or travel them," someone might say.

Wrong! To travel the universe, or any part of it, would be to travel many unobserved horizons, many unobserved universes, many unobserved worlds . . . hyper-surface hyperspace travels and hyper-time travels, without number.
To go off on a tangent, the more I read up on them I don't see much difference between the lower / higher matter-energy region states in the microcosm and the equally lower / higher matter-energy region states of galaxies and dark matter-energy in the macrocosm. Possibly, I repeat possibly! the same energy jump state with just a difference in magnitude (microcosmic / macrocosmic).
Just because the expansion of the universe seems to be a bigger deal than the contraction of the universe, doesn't make it so. If one really thinks about the totality of the open (the opening) system versus the closed (the closing) system, one will realize that they are always exactly mirroring and self-similarly equal, just as infinite is to infinity and (short any local relative finite) so is infinitesimal to the same infinity.

There may be no light in the constant of the Planck Big Bang event Horizon. It may be dark mass energy. It also happens to be called the higher energy event (as in lower / higher energies state quantum mechanics), the galaxies and the stars, and so on, the cooling contractions of the universe, the lower energy events. A constant feed, a constant transference, from the hotter -- possibly, probably, flatter -- dimensionality to the cooler -- possibly, probably, more complex -- dimensionality . . . and return in reverse engineering as the cooling squeezes out, via the contractions, via the collapses (infinitely plural) of built-up complexities back to the simpler, the flatter more 2-dimensional, more chaotic 'Wild', the dark mass energies back to the Planck Big Bang dark Horizon of dimension in an always turning universe (which means a "turning unity"). A constant "jump" state. A constant synergistic state. A constant exchange state. A constant state of equality between a positive and a negative that will never, ever, appear to be mirror equal.

Finally, as I see it to be, the lesser, simpler, dimensionalities are always the hotter more energetic . . . the greater, more complex, dimensionalities always the cooler less energetic.
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Electroweak force magnetic monopole (dipole moment) point (portal) singularity.

Dipole moment point portal?

Sure. Imagine a two-faced coin of wormhole. A two-sided two-faced outside-in entry point to a single coin . . . no exit! Entering, imagine a two tailed coin. A two-tailed (two-faced) entry (exit) point to the single coin . . . two entry points (at once, two exit points)! Four entries only (at once four exits only)! One and the same quantum entangled coin in two places! One coin (magnetic monopole (dipole moment) point (portal) singularity)! A revolving door that when entered revolves and exits elsewhere. Reentered from that elsewhere, revolves exiting back where started. One coin, one door, two faces, two places, four....

All quantum entanglement, whether downscale or upscale, means wormholes.
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Hmmm! I may be finding the open (and an opening) system of the universe in infinities of quantum / classical entanglements and micro-verse / macro-verse 'Through the Looking Glass' ('Wonderland') rabbit hole wormholes. Like finding a form of open (and an opening) system in personal and internet local and wide area networks of Personal Computer (PC) 'cyberspace'. Micro- and macro-verse bits, qubits, fractals, quantum / classical entanglements, and wormholes.

I say I may be finding the open system in the above but those who've followed my threads and posts know I'm being facetious since I've long advocated an opening system of the space of Solar System within personal and internet local and wide area networks of tens to thousand, to millions and billions, of Noah's Ark-like / Gerard K. O'Neill-like Stanford Torus Personal Colonies (PCs), '2001: A Space Odyssey'-type stations, increasing revolutions and evolutions of ships, boats, suits, and all kinds of other facilitations on the vast hypersurface of space. A then titanic open system in a titanic space made of the more individualistic, more personal, small. A miniature galaxy model steppingstone to the galaxy at large and giving a lot of time to solve (as physicist Michio Kaku once put it) the 'Problem of Relativity'.

Getting back to the universe at micro-verse small and macro-verse large, though, to find the open system within the, as I have it, ponderous Planck Big Bang Black Hole (collapsed cosmological constant (T=0, t=0)) Horizon of the Infinite MULTIVERSE Universe, one is going to have to seek it within the quantum / classical entanglements "at a distance", and thus within the wormholes. That open system within those infinities of quantum classical entanglements (of EWF magnetic monopole (dipole moment) point portal singularities) and wormholes gut and annihilate the closed systemic speed of light barrier. Not to say that the open systemic, that I say exists, does away with the equal but opposite closed systemic.

Throwing the dice and shooting the works once more as usual: Not only am I dealing in fundamental EWF monopole singularity (as I see it), at the same time I'm dealing in a fundamental matrix (again as I see it): "All quantum entanglement, whether downscale or upscale, means wormholes." -- Atlan0001.
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Black holes are always being discussed, but it is via wormhole tunneling -- which the speed of light does not, and cannot, deal in -- all object travel is done, with reality thus always staying out front and ahead, essentially futuristically, of the speed of light . . . and the only means through which the laws of motion even exist.

We do not give wormholes their absolute due. We take wormholing the universe literally for granted, when not being called "science-fiction," not even noticing them, wormholes in their infinities, being around as the only open systemic access, literally open system being, there is to the universe. They are EWF property and quantum entanglement based -- as are black holes EWF property and based (and not supergravity based unless supergravity -- as supergravity -- is nothing more nor less than EWF) -- but, at once, at the same time, adjunct to the GSBF infrastructure structure and structuring of "fractal zoom universes."

As I have them:
(EWF = Electro-Weak Force (field).)
(GSBF = Gravitational Strong Binding Force (field).)
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Quantum (classical) entanglement / At a distance / Farthest equals farthest.

From farthest past (PBBBH Horizon) this way comes futures (-/+).
From farthest future (PBBBH Horizon) this way comes pasts (+/-).

(EWF) Magnetic monopole (dipole moment) point (portal) singularity (EWF).

Regarding infinity (infinities), information is never created nor destroyed.

"God does not play dice with the universe!" -- Albert Einstein.

"Oh yes, God does play dice with the universe, but they're loaded!" -- Stephen Hawking.

Classical (quantum) entanglement / At a distance / Farthest equals farthest.
To go over again, and again, the most difficult dimensional picture to have in mind and keep in mind is the probability of a common universe observed and observable within so many more or less uncommon universes, of which ours is one. That common universe observable within our own more or less uncommon universe is commonly thought to be the strictly [once-upon-a-time] initial universe. Few want to realize it is a universally constant dimensionality of universe within universe (dimensionality within dimensionality). One with a seemingly inexplicable glitch -- and change of tempo -- permanently about halfway or so to that constant of Horizon in not one but two directions of horizon.
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Random thought:

Have you figured it out yet that the inside of a black hole -- in and beyond its event horizon -- is an infinity outside the finite of the closed systemic universe? When the observable outside finite horizons (measurable spatial, mass, and so on) of the black hole go away, they go away to the dimensional infinity of the multiverse as a merger to unity with it. The outside-in dimensionality, and the inside-out dimensionality, are two entirely separate and different dimensionalities.
BBT's everythingness from nothingness, entirely in the past tense of space and time, continues to irritate my sense of things, including sense of terms. as they should be.

Everythingness doesn't come from nothingness as an effect from cause since they are two concepts describing exactly the same thing. Not two sides of the same coin but meaning exactly the same thing. BBT's 'Creationism' is ridiculous on the face of it. Saying everythingness came from nothingness is the same thing as saying everythingness came from everythingness and/or nothingness came from nothingness.

Now to say that somethingness comes from nothingness . . . therefore comes from everythingness . . . is a different story altogether. Infinities canceling each other -- actually infinity (everythingness) canceling itself -- to zero (to nothingness), resulting in finite (somethingness). This then is entirely a matter of "is" (inclusive of "was" and "will always be"), and never was, never will be, an exclusive matter entirely of "was."

Actually, I've never read anywhere that physicists have never dealt in idiotic physics of idiocies. And, as Thomas S. Kuhn (of "paradigm shift" fame) said, "Communication across the revolutionary divide is inevitably partial." As people around here who've bothered to read anything I've written know, I jump with both feet into that revolutionary divide . . . that inevitable partiality.
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I deleted the last post I did on wormhole. I realized I had made a bad mistake in stretching a description of a great physic, wormhole, far beyond its bounds. In other words, diminishing it unnecessarily from what it is by almost trivializing it. Not to say solitons and plasmons are trivial, but in the case of plasmons I think I was entirely on the wrong track, and in the case of traveling soliton bulges, particularly the possibility of artificial creations of soliton warp space bulges (a traveling space within a space that has no -- will have no -- interaction with the surrounding space thanks maybe, I was thinking, to a created superconducting plasmon field around the ship). Wrongly, I was trying to tie a quantum entangled wormhole physic to a soliton bulge physic, and it comes out not only wrong but ridiculously wrong on my part.

Well, I'm passed a humiliating admission.

Back to quantum entanglement and wormholes. I got to thinking about what Stephen Hawking said about the six-sided particle that was then six separate individual particles. A quantum entanglement of particles actually adheres to the same description as Hawking made of that six-sided particle that is six separate particles . . . only the siding is "at a distance" as Albert Einstein said. A minimally two-sided particle (each side of the one particle coin single sided 2-dimensional) where the two sides of just one particle are "at a distance" apart and then appear as -- then appear to be -- two separate particles. What keeps the singular simultaneously instantaneous connection of the two sides of a single particle "at a distance" in space (thus appearing to be two particles when actually just one with sides in two or more separate places), or even in time, from each other? A wormhole tunneling that can deal in either space or time is what, though when it comes to time I, for one, see a probable problem of matter / antimatter explosive involvement across quantum entangled times that would not, does not, exist across space, rather no-space (between), across spatial nowhere and nothingness . . . to some, the equal but opposite "open systemic infinity (/ infinities)" that to almost all physicists simply does not exist opposed to their absolutely "closed system finite" of a nakedly singular cosmic all of "observed universe" (therefore it ("open systemic infinity (/ infinities") being "nowheresville" and "nothingness"). As I said elsewhere, wormholes and solitons, as I see them to be, make a Swiss cheese (a 3-d Menger Sponge / a 2-d Sierpinski Carpet) of their closed systemic "observed universe"). As if the GSBF (gravitational / anti-gravitational strong binding force (hyper surfaces' hyperspaces)) "zoom fractality" structuring of the "zoom universes" did not already open the system up.
Now I've got to deal with what I call an electroweak force "magnetic monopole (dipole moment) point (portal) singularity (what too many people call a supergravity made singularity, I call an integral electroweak force singularity appearing to be a supergravity singularity). Rather I need to deal with "point portal":

I've called a point of infinite mass density an infinitely deep hole. Thinking harder on that idea, and how I've described the monopole point singularity above, I come to a conclusion that I need no such thing as any infinite mass density, or infinite depth, to call any mass whatsoever at once also a hole. And any hole whatsoever at once also a mass.

Now what does that mean for mass-energy equivalency, . . . for "Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared"? Or Energy equals holes (discrete quanta vacuum bubbles) times the speed of light squared? I'm not going to answer because I think I've answered my own question adequately. I've holed (I've ported in portal) the EWF monopole point singularity. Also, I had already done it tandemly in, with, "dipole moment". A wave-particle, whether massive or massless, is nothing if not a hole (if not a discrete quantum vacuum bubble (a discrete bubble of vacuum))!

Holes within holes, within holes. Bubbles within bubbles, within bubbles. Energies (horizons of energy), within energies (horizons of energy), within energies (horizons of energy).

Now scale it up and down to infinites in multiverse universe magnitudes via Chaos Theory's -- or my own idea of GSBF -- structuring of "fractal zoom universes."
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I begin to wonder, regarding the JWTS, if light itself doesn't have lots and lots of holes in it, deep within it! . . . EWF (electroweak force) black holes! String-ring gravitational / anti-gravitational strong binding force, forming the infrastructure structure of "fractal zoom universes" (as I see it to be) never goes to anything like an EWF magnetic monopole (dipole moment) 0-point portal singularity! it is always blamed for! Physicists never take into account the "anti" in "gravitational."

As to white holes (brought up in one of the "articles" here on, there is such a thing as gains in the universe at large and small, from out of nowhere, equaling the losses to nowhere. Physicists say it isn't so, like they imply anything like an 'open system' doesn't exist, but what do physicists know of anything like the universe's "balances" of natures?!

In the infinities of multiverse horizon universes (u), that distant collapsed constant of Horizon out there, and at once deep down inside also "at a distance" is a constant of parallel universe and not some "once upon a time" magical trick!

Physicists illustrate the universe with a bell shape, a cone shape, an inverted pyramid shape, that has us as 1-dimensional string stick creatures on a 2-dimensionally flat surface 'Flatland" universe leading edge of time. I have it that that pyramid shape has the 1- and 2-dimensional base as the Horizon base of the pyramid and us, and everything else here and now (everywhere here and now is) at the cumulative multi-dimensional, complex, apex point -- among an infinity of apex points -- of the pyramid shape, up from the 1- and 2-dimensional flat base of the pyramid shape . . . exactly equal but opposite of the shape and dimensionality of it generally illustrated. It's almost laughable since we are in both places at once, at the same time (like in quantum mechanics being in more places than one all at once), just as we are in the horizon of Earth, and at the same time, the horizon is "at a distance" from us. We are in, on, that leading edge of time just as it is generally illustrated, and at once, at exactly the same time, we are in the back end of time. In other words, at the beginning of time, both ends the same Horizon of time, we being quantum entangled in two places at once, at the same time . . . a wrap, a circle, a turning (turn: versus: verse), into itself.

Some know that I'm repeating, as a different descriptive variation on the theme, that Stephen Hawking chronicled the above as his visionary mind's eye famous single-handed clock stuck at midnight (eternally stuck at the very last instant of time / very beginning instant of time) hanging in the dead center of his "Grand Central Station" of the universe in his book 'A Brief History of Time'.
This response to a matter elsewhere I've copied here because it is also tied to several posts here:

I've come to a conclusion that only an untethered (untethered to, and opposing, any external forces) self-propelled, self-accelerating, object can realize a wormhole in the first place, enter it, and pass to the other side "at a distance" of the single coin of two sides. The two sides then being two separate bubbles of space quantum entangled "at a distance" from each other.

It has to be untethered from any external force, or control from any kind of external entity, be opposed to the external, else it could not even possibly deal in traversing a wormhole.
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Again bringing over from elsewhere ('CYCLIC UNIVERSE') because it is very pertinent to #147:

Hello Atlan

So called worm holes are generated by vector force fields.

Find the object and you can determine its affects to the surrounding.
And a "soliton" (practically immeasurable ghost wave / field / bulge / discrete quanta / warp space / ....)?

What effect does an 'open system' have upon a paralleling equal but opposite 'closed system'? Or an 'opening system' upon a paralleling equal but opposite 'closing system'?

What effect does a 'white hole' (e=mc^2) have upon a paralleling equal but opposite 'black hole' (m=e/c^2)? . . . a wormhole being the neutrality . . . neutral to both. Or the constant of 'c' upon the paralleling equal but opposite collapsed / expanded constant of 'c^2'?

"From a drop of water, a logician could infer the possibility of an Atlantic or a Niagara without having seen or heard of one or the other...." -- Arthur Canon Doyle, 'Sherlock Holmes: A Study In Scarlet'.
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As best I understand it, there is nothing in Einstein's field equations that prohibits a wormhole. But there are some problems in bringing it to market.
- Biggest problem is you have to go at normal speeds to the far end to set up the outlet You can't set up a wormhole in Cincinnati and expext to be able to instantly travel to Des Moines. You have to send someone to Des Moines to set it up first.
- Second biggest problem is, upon entering you must turn yourself into a soup of fundamental particles and energy. I get a rash when I do that.
As best I understand it, there is nothing in Einstein's field equations that prohibits a wormhole. But there are some problems in bringing it to market.
- Biggest problem is you have to go at normal speeds to the far end to set up the outlet You can't set up a wormhole in Cincinnati and expext to be able to instantly travel to Des Moines. You have to send someone to Des Moines to set it up first.
- Second biggest problem is, upon entering you must turn yourself into a soup of fundamental particles and energy. I get a rash when I do that.
Bill, as far as I can tell: The 'open system' = space outside of space, time outside of time. The only problem with wormholes (quantum / classical entanglements) and solitons is to make sure you don't overshoot the other side, the other closed systemic bubble, the other end. You may have to back up a bit, maybe more, navigate and adjust.
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