Giant voids of nothingness may be flinging the universe apart

This article seems to have no underlying basis in physical reasoning. It postulates that "nothing" creates pressure on matter, but does not address how. It postulates that something beside gravity made the voids, but does not address what. It does not address why that would be increasing with time. If there is any basis for this line of thinking, please provide it.

This smacks of the recent "something from nothing" article that claimed that "dark energy" is not stretched by "inflation" so increasing the volume of space increases the amount of energy in the universe, which "explains" the acceleration of the expansion. That is a violation of the (current) laws of physics right there. Any article that postulates such violations of known physical laws must present at least some logical reasons for contemplating that. Otherwise, it comes across as the mental wanderings of technically incompetent folks who smoke too much weed.

If I was to suppose that space could simply be increased in volume and energy could be created and added to the universe in proportion, then I could "explain" the presently observed conditions without needing to extrapolate back to a "Big Bang" where everything was in a tiny spec at one point in time and proceeded from there on the basis of the currently understood laws of physics. I could start anywhere that is observed astronomy, and simply add whatever energy is needed to get the motion we currently observe. Since I would not need to explain where that energy comes from or why in the amount postulated, or how it actually interacts with matter or "space", it is not at all useful in trying to understand what we actually observe.
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