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I have been reading up on the close friendship and almost daily contact at Princeton University of genius logician (said by the many to be the greatest logician of all time) and mathematician, and sometime philosopher Kurt Godel and Albert Einstein, who needs no further identification.

Godel told Einstein that when he, Einstein, made time a dimension of space, thus actually a spatial four-dimensionality, 'space-time', he destroyed time as an arrow -- as a stream-like physicality in its own right -- and made it a point centered closed system in place of an arrow (as in "it takes three dimensions to describe a point"). Einstein never disputed Godel's "world shaking" finding and pronouncement regarding Relativity.

Godel said also that in doing so, Einstein potentially made "time travel" possible, including backward in time since Einstein had done away with "a physical temporal time line" and replaced it with gossamer tenuous uncertainties rather than reality. Thus was born that conceptualization, time travel, as a rank physical possibility. Godel as a logician thought that there was, or might be, another answer that might alternatively exist... to the effect, "We can have a world in which there is time or a world in which there is existence, but not both" (an attribution to Godel. "Godel (himself) made the only rational choice" (as he saw it): "a world without time" (which suited the four-dimensional space-time picture to a tee (as the saying goes)).

Of course apparently, neither one of them ever thought about the possibility of paralleling four-dimensional bubble universes existing, taking the possibility of causality violation off the board by taking it away from the vertical of one single arrow of time and putting it into a potential horizontal branching off to a possible infinity of points in a possible infinity of paralleling arrows. In the case of time ('t', as opposed to 't=0'): point of space... and arrow of time.... become one and same entity of space-time capable of infinitizing in parallel as a multi-dimensional hyper-dimensionality. The odds of finding the right one feeding back anywhere into the original time-line would be one in infinity. As Hawking said in another context about playing dice with the Universe, "they're loaded." In an existent Multiverse, that possibility would be accounted for and infinitely dismissed. Though.... there would remain the one in infinity possibility. Enter tachyonic anti-matter as being intrinsically dual nature with matter, closing the system entirely; closing out that one in infinity possibility of causality violation. And it's potentially usable as well.

The probable existence of, and possibilities concerning Multiverse, inclusive of possible paralleling universes, weren't around for close friends and heavy genius discussion partners Einstein and Godel. Their thoughts concerning a big possible problem had to take other directions.
**Concerning my observed traveler in the light (the map) arrived (the light that is) to any observer versus my real traveler in space (the territory):**

Kurt Godel-- ".... in physics .... the possibility of knowledge of objectivizable (sic) states of affairs is denied, and it is asserted that we must be content to predict the results of observation. This is really the end of all theoretical science in the usual sense."
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I made a mistake. Nothing new there. I said "'t' as opposed to 't=0'", which wrongly tries to blow Einstein / Godel out of the water. There is only one way really to interpret Einstein's space-time parameter and come out both 't' and 't=0', in the same spatial time coordinate point, or something like that. That is to do away with time, as Einstein did and Godel would have it, though not doing it in fact, getting around it by mirroring it into one (('t') ('-t')) = '0')). Thus Einstein / Godel's fourth dimensional space-time ('t = (('t') ('-t)) = 0') still preserves 't' and still gets into Relativity at the same time as Godel's envisioned realization of '-t', ending up space-time's time = '0'. That's much better and much more as I actually intended.

It both opposes and does not oppose, and my real space, real time, traveler is still there in the middle of it all at '0-point'. So is the observer in his (hers) (its) own four-dimensional boxed bubble. I boxed and closed the system effectively [using(!)] Godel's realization as a modified entity integral to my own modeling in post #1. Again, the difference being Einstein and Godel had them, '-t' and '0', isolated from 't' and I made them all dimensionally, systemically, binary (or trinary, whatever (a Multiverse multi-dimensionality)).
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Feb 8, 2021
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I would like to read that book and take a Princeton tour...as a student...I was moving today to get closer to school actually, not Princeton though...:rolleyes:
Time moves in a loop from the past to the future and we stand in the middle receiving influences from both ....and I am too tired to comment further...