The 'einstein (not Albert) tile'.

Here is an article that describes a better of the 2-dimensional 'Sierpinski Carpet', and if raised, deepened, to 3-dimensionality, a better of the 'Menger Sponge', of 'Chaos Theory'. The 'einstein', or "one stone", tile is how I've long described the layout I visualize of the infinity of universes, 0-point-portals in scales up and down, when reduced to 2-dimensional 'Flatland' space. No sector, no cutout, of it exactly like any other, in an infinity of sectors, of cutouts, yet since I am talking infinity, there would of course be duplicate sectors, cutouts, inevitably, reducing the infinity to an impossibly uncertain number of finites -- definite duplicate through and through from the quantum mechanics up merging into singularities, including you and your local-relative universe . . . relatively finite, yet not absolutely finite, the grand-total of all like and not-like reaching to infinities:

Newly discovered 'einstein' tile is a 13-sided shape that solves a decades-old math problem | Live Science
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Maybe there are some that don't understand duplication to infinity even down to the last least particle of you and the local universe -- whatever the locality -- you occupy. And the quantum entanglement of every single particle of you and your locality. in every single one of the infinity of duplicates, among far greater infinities of localities unlike your locality, until the entirety of the infinity is indistinguishable from a naked singularity of just one reality of you and your local universe. You leave your locality; all your duplicates leave the same duplicate locality. You arrive at a neighboring locality, every single one of your clone duplicates arrive at a duplicate of it. In such exact detail of duplication, you can never meet yourself since you are all reduced to just one individual . . . to just one of you (one in all . . . all in one).

What is really bad about a infinitely loaded Multiverse-Universe is not the infinity of duplications but the fact that the Universe is preset for every action, every action and decision point whatsoever, in it (ultimately it loses nothing, it gains nothing). 'Schrodinger's cat' is dead as a door nail in an infinite Universe, and as alive as alive can get in it, though never in exactly the same local. Every path the cat could take, it takes. Every path a particle in the cat's universe can take, it takes. Every possible branching out from every possible trunk branch exists. At all times, the cat branched into all possible paths, all possible branches. Altogether, infinities of paths, infinities of branches. That, too, is a 'branch' of infinity. A 'branch' of a multi-dimensional, multiplex, Multiverse-Universe. Whatever it is you wished you had done at one time or another, you did in another path, another branch. Whatever it is you wished you had not done at one time or another, you did not do in another path, another branch. And too, have you ever had a sense of Deja Vu? And on and on....

So, the Infinite Multiverse-Universe, to me an awesomely wonder filled Cosmopolis, may be far, far, more infinite than you might have ever imagined it to be. The 'einstein tile' could apply to you in your life, even to your looks if any one gene of you happened to skew for some reason. And it did in an Infinite Multiverse-Universe.

Like any of the rest of the beauty of nature, you might not want to look into the awesomely wonder filled Cosmopolis of Infinite Multiverse-Universe too closely. I, for one though, have had no problem with this particular 'Abyss' staring back at me when I've stared into it. There is a heck of a lot of infinity that can be traveled over, looked over, imagined over, in the mind's eye without ever coming into contact with any near duplicate of your locality or anything even nearly close to yourself. Well, it's a 'maybe', concerning that very last part.
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