Meteor explodes over Vermont with the force of 440 pounds of TNT


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Oh I am so disappointed. Although I am in England, I have spent may weeks in Valleyfield, south of Montreal near US border. Missed it by about 50 years.

On another note, I think we do need reminding that our personal rock is not immune from impacts, as a plague has recently hit us.

Fortunately, the Late Heavy Bombardment is long gone, but I believe we may still be vulnerable to comets or other objects being dislodged from the outer Solar System. I am also minded to recall that sometimes 'swarms' of objects are believed to (sometimes) include one or more large objects together with a large collection of objects arising from collisions, ranging from dust to anything in between.

It is good to see that early detection means are being put in place.

Cat :)
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Dec 9, 2020
There are many nights that I have wistfully observed Betelgeuse looking for it to go supernova. Now Russia, Vermont and England have exploding meteors and Texas has fireballs. Likewise, whenever there is an annual meteor shower my location usually is cloudy. Ok, so who do I have to complain to?
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