The Universe Remembers Gravitational Waves — And We Can Find Them


Oct 22, 2019
Since 1916, Einstein GR defines how astronomy views gravity. Many tests conducted now over 100 years and GR still stands. However, many want to overthrow GR out and show something else :) The struggle here over GR and those who want to overthrow, reminds me somewhat of Tycho Brahe efforts to refute Copernicus, showing Mars was always farther away from Earth than the Sun, and thus no heliocentric solar system with Earth moving around the Sun. For Tycho Brahe, the Earth must be immovable - that did not work out too well :)
we haven't found any evidence for this space-time "memory" yet, but it should be there, lurking in the data taken by LIGO and Virgo.
But aren't the current detectors too insensitive?

I'd expect the "wave-wave" would be well below the noise floor of current detectors. Indeed, the article goes on to say a future, improved generation of detectors will be able to see this "wave-wave" phenomenon.