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Feb 11, 2021
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Grüße und einen schönen Montag, Leute! Ich hoffe, alle hatten ein schönes Wochenende:) :)

Ich für meinen Teil habe den größten Teil der letzten zwei Tage damit verbracht, Star Trek: Discovery (und es immer noch wirklich zu genießen!) Wiederzusehen und ENDLICH The Expanse zu sehen.

Also begann ich mich zu fragen, was die Lieblingssendung aller anderen zum Thema Weltraum war. Für mich ist es eine kontroverse Entscheidung. Star Trek: Discovery steht ganz oben auf meiner Liste. Das liegt jedoch hauptsächlich an der ersten Staffel, die ich für absolut erstaunlich hielt!

Lassen Sie mich also Ihre Lieblingssendung zum Thema Weltraum (oder Shows, wenn es zu schwer zu entscheiden ist) wissen, damit Sie in unserer wöchentlichen Foren-Zusammenfassung vorgestellt werden können !
[/ZITAT] The Expanse
Mar 6, 2021

Greetings and happy Monday, folks! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend :)

For my part, I spent the better part of the last two days re-watching some Star Trek: Discovery (and still really enjoying it!) and FINALLY watching The Expanse.

So, I started wondering what everyone else's favourite space-themed show was. For me, it's a bit of a controversial choice. Star Trek: Discovery is on the top of my list. However, that's mostly because of its first season, which I thought was absolutely amazing!

So, let me know about your favourite space-themed show (or shows, if it's too hard to decide) for a chance to be featured in our weekly Forums round-up!
I really enjoyed Stargate as much as the Original movie.
Aug 3, 2020
Seeing a jetboard video, if you put the system in a box it flies without air or rocket thrust, a fluid_impulse directed_force motor.

The pumps are powered by magnets that fade -10%flux/1000yrs so a perfect combo for a new, yet well known propulsion method tweak for space.

I'm onto the 3rd design version, no capital loans for small biz so shelved ready for 2D CAD.

The second part of UFO theory is reactance_relluctance repulsion at hover of a spacecraft, using antennas at 1m/3.28' above the ground, if it hovers, it's "shading" gravity, the fluid_impulse motors take over and one gets the acceleration noted by these craft straight up.

That's the deal, this from needing a no_propwash hovercraft for firefighting & hi-mt rescue & utility, plus more. Cheers🚀vs🛸
Mar 21, 2021
If your answer to this question is not The Expanse. You havent watched the Expanse.

Star Wars, Star Trek, Bablyon 5, Firefly, these are all good and fun. But if you live realistic Sci-Fi and great plot with great acting there is only 1 answer.

The Expanse. If you havent seen it. Binge season 1. Thank me later.
Nov 19, 2020
Star Trek TNG. All the classicness, batleths, Deanna, 7 of Nine, The Borg, all the holodeck stuff, and utmost, all hell will be kicking off and then Q would just walk in. Loved it.
Mar 24, 2021
Drones, outdoor adventure, Star Trek was my favourite, most interested in current space programs especially Starlink satellite program. By far Starlink is my favourite and all the progress it’s making in a short time. This is an unbelievable next step for us. Starlink Offering the world hi speed satellite service.
Mar 21, 2021
I really like “For All Mankind” on Apple. Almost realistic enough to believe. Except I hate the promo, which looks like an advertisement for Scientology or Madam Saskia who will tell your future.


"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
While Stargate Atlantis is one of the best series ever, I think that Stargate SG1 is one of the most undervalued!

Having just (in the last month) watched nearly all the SG1 and Atlantis episodes, I recall that there are a few weak episodes in both series, but generally I agree that they were both excellent. Even the early SG1 episodes are not too dated. (The few I missed were because of my disk defects).

I can't think of any other series where I could watch 5 or 10 episodes in a day. Certainly not Galactia.

Cat :)

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