Exoplanet Stats

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5,500 exoplanets is today's count!

Here is the Kopparapu, et. al., HZ result, which is a more complex model that uses atmospheric qualifications for a HZ. Their model also uses a broader planet size range.

If we compare the following to the other methods (prior post) that restrict the probable habitable sizes to 0.5 to 1.8x Earth, then there are only three exos on this list that qualify (#28, 32, 33).

View: https://imgur.com/pAnS58v
The exoplanet count is essentially unchanged. It went to about 5510, but oddly, dropped to its current number of 5506.

These are confirmed exos, out of perhaps > 10,000. Science is a constant scrutiny process, so some ups and downs in numbers.
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Ug. Looks like I'm either doing something wrong with Imgur links or they are.
Both this and the next post show a run where the HZ is fudged by 10% in both directions. There are "optimistic" extensions of the HZ used that are far greater to cover a number of possibilities.

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