Photons are 'nowhere' in the universe until they are "observed"....

Something Billslugg mentioned, and I've recounted more than once in my own way, just keeps on coming back to me to bring up. Particularly as I read further into "Something Deeply Hidden: Quantum Worlds and The Emergence of Space Time', by Sean Carroll, and think of something he is mentioning.

Bill said the early universe was loaded with photons (thus photons everywhere, I interpreted). Of course, I convert "was" to "is." The universe loaded down with photons [everywhere] is photons [nowhere] in the universe at all . . . until they are "observed!"

Something, also, I've been repeatedly pressing about something else (and not connected to photons!), the measurement of the speed of light! It is universally 'c', everywhere the set, the 'Horizon', of all velocity (and or momentum) all at once. It can't, it won't, be measured until it is "observed!" And, the frame, the virtuality, the field, the 'Flatland', the single-sided 2-dimensional, once "observed", once fronted, once confronted, once met, its measurement will be nothing but the constant of 'c' as a measurement from emission of light to receiver of light. What will measure is the [history], the light time [history], emission or re-emission, reflection, to receipt, as a "result" rather than "in-progress." Not the wavelength, not the frequency, of light. There will be photons -- from out of 'nowhere' -- "observed" on the spot!
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The thing to know is that light fills to overloading the universe with every brand of 'light'. So much so that it turns the universe mostly dark in much of its breadth and depth of [face]. That there is to light time histories being gravity mirrored across universes an infinity of crossroads broad and deep. It isn't that light can't and won't escape a black hole, it is that black holes can't and won't escape overdosing on light. Turn on the light universally in the universe and black holes would be the brightest most light filled bulbs in the universe.

Here is a very interesting article on the subjects (plural):

Gravity can transform into light, mind-bending physics paper suggests | Live Science

Reminder: The way I see it the universe is a universe of "is", never "was"! Gravity's mirror mirroring light time histories at the speed of light is fast through that mirror everywhere mirroring. Mirroring farther distant [past | futures] is even faster! "...the PBB(B)H (cc (/\)) Horizon, the highest energy field and horizon there is (thus the fastest evolutions possible as well), than they are anywhere and everywhere locally...!"
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Did some important, to me, adding to above. "The fastest evolutions possible" would happen to be faster than the speed of light. but not faster than "back to the future," or "the past is the future, the future is the past." In the case of the universe, the farthest distant, that is. The so-called arrows of time [past | future] of the universe, both point to exactly the same Horizon. Thus, I repeat yet again. The detail of the what and the why is already in my posts.