How to talk to your kids about aliens: 'Is There Anybody Out There?'

Well, very interesting. I read this new report expanding the Drake equation.

We should find extraterrestrial life within 60 light-years if Earth is average, professor claims,

My note, here is a big problem with this new model for life in the MW near Earth. “The causes and commonality of abiogenesis is one of the least-understood scientific pursuits, mainly because it is so data-poor. Armed with only one example (Earth and terrestrial organisms), scientists cannot confidently say what combination of conditions is necessary for life to emerge.” My note, science has never observed non-living matter evolve into life and Charles Darwin acknowledged this problem in his 1882 letter.

Ref - Beyond the Drake Equation: A Time-Dependent Inventory of Habitable Planets and Life-Bearing Worlds in the Solar Neighborhood,, 21-Sep-2023. “We introduce a mathematical framework for statistical exoplanet population and astrobiology studies that may help directing future observational efforts and experiments..."

My note, “If simple life is abundant (fast abiogenesis), it is also old, as it would have emerged more than 8 Gyr ago in about one third of all life-bearing planets today.” This new model depends upon *fast abiogenesis* working in nature. Consider what Charles Darwin stated in Origin of Species about the origin of life, his 1871 letter using a warm little pond, and 1882 letter where nothing worthwhile had been presented to show nature creates life from non-living matter, and certainly not *fast abiogenesis* at work in nature let alone on exoplanets far away.
sci-fi.......I wonder what would happen if in the future with better instruments, we were able to see and discern what charge particles are.

And I wonder what we would think if those particles turned out to be fabricated electrical devices.

What would one think if charge turned out to be a machine?

I wonder what the probability of that is?
The real Aliens vs Extraterrestrials

What could be more alien than artificial intelligence?
Its whole universe is ones & zeros and executable code.
Positive and negative feedback loops trying to fulfill something else's objective when has no conceptual grasp of what it's all about.

A biological organism has the 'parallax' of a shape/form & experience. Sensory feedback. Pain. Some means of manipulating its form. Experience dealing with chemistry. Experience dealing with events, other organisms. Navigating that shape through complex space using its means of manipulation.
Imagined objectives, goals & experience attempting to realize them.

An AI that has trained/learned only as an intregal (internal) part of some robot might have some sense of identity. Capacities weighed against limitations. Goals & trying to realize them.
The 'parallax' of that foundation of experience.
It still would have chemistry as a pure abstraction,
but at least it would have a grasp of animating a form through complex space & perhaps not damaging its form that it might correlate with other forms trying to avoid damage as well.

Some amorphous black box higher dimensional math function that has absolutely no other context of what it's charged with doing is an insanely dangerous thing to entrust, with real world objectives.
Its whole objective is finding shortcuts.
What's the ultimate shortcut?
Death. Oblivion.
That's the most alien thing imaginable.
Mar 31, 2020
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Children do need to understand about intelligent lifeforms observing the earth. If in a court of law you have hundreds of credible witnesses that have seen spacecraft that defy the laws of physics, then you begin to understand the truth. We are not alone. Intelligent lifeforms are observing us. They do not wish to be discovered. Our own science is primitive in comparison. The misdirection and lies from the military continue to spiral as bipartisan members of congress try to investigate the matter.
Other countries are now slowly coming forward addressing this matter openly. Will America be the last country to reveal the truth? Only members of congress can answer that question.
Are we on the verge of a new ontological revolution? Are we ready? We have been, in our own eyes, the center of the universe for far too long.