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Jul 12, 2020
Hello. Jeff here. Just joined. Very much an amateur astronomer. Very amateur. Have visited over the years. I live in the DFW area. I have a celestron 114mm telescope but (sadly) haven’t gotten it out in a while.
Looking forward to some interesting conversations here.
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Jul 22, 2020
Hi everyone, nice to see the old forums up and running again.

I'm interested in most aspects of space science but I'm afraid I'm not very knowledgeable in any of them, so I'm mostly here to learn.
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Jul 27, 2020
Hi All

Very excited to join this forum and have usefull discussion with well educated and talented members.

My skills and experiances are on Information's and how to use the technology to analyze them and come out with visibale statuse and correct out put.

Since Three years, I'm working on an intensive researches regard the Earth Gravity and Solar System, I came with some outputs might lead to a significant changes on the physics formulas and space exploration.

Im so exited to have discussion with intrested parties in this feilds.

My Best Wishes
Jul 28, 2020
Hi everyone, Marion here
I have so much passion about space and its inhabitant, i do have the feeling that we are not the only ones in the universe and am looking for a day when will we have intelligent lives discovered somewhere else...i do not have an education background in earth science or space but i find it interesting and had wish i studied something similar, i am open for educations tips on space... thank you for having me here my great people
Aug 14, 2020
Well here goes me:

I'm a retired NCO from the U. S. Air Force. Secondly, retired from University of Louisville. Thirdly, well those two are enough. In other words I'm reasonably old. Computers, information technology, and information processing were my specialties. Interests: History since the age of seven, 66 years in its study. People, peoples, events, all of it I can absorb. Space, time, physics, obviously, all my life since I can remember. Past 30 years more or less more concentrated. The Universe absorbs me when I let it. Family: Pretty large and very dear to me, also indulgent when it comes to my reading and study. I never stop learning. I seem to never stop dishing it out either every chance I get. To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, when I have eight hours to cut down a tree, I'll spend seven hours sharpening my ax. But Oh that last hour swinging away. When it comes to threads, I'm really no creator. I'm far more of a counter-puncher than a puncher (or, I mean, far more a responder than a creator). When I go short responses, hardly anyone immediately realizes where I am coming from. So I, from a very long time habit, go big in my responses, practically writing articles (as responses) to make a point.

By testing I was rated young an 'intuitive mathematician', later also by testing a 'visual mathematician'. I had no interest whatsoever in developing what might have been respecting mathematics. The capacity, the capability, was enough to take me as far as I wanted to go in everything I ever wanted to do. But now the lack severely limits me when otherwise I realize I can really go to town in dealing the cards on the Universe, as I see and realize it, of course. For a permanent apprentice concerning 'mathematical' physics, has allowed me a lot, and I mean a lot, of leeway in which to work my way with regard to the Universe at large. I'm thankful and as I go I'll try to lighten up. Try! promises. I hope I'm not bound for a short stay.

I'm glad to be here. I've always dreamed of roaming the Universe. seeing all the sights, and plumbing all its farthest reaches and deepest depths...and telling what I see. In my "mind's eye" I have succeeded [hugely]. looks to be very much for would be high seas of Space (the high ground of Frontier) people like me.

That's it. Hope I haven't bored anyone too greatly.
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Aug 22, 2019
I'm glad to be here. I've always dreamed of roaming the Universe. seeing all the sights, and plumbing all its far reaches and deepest depths.. In my "mind's eye" I have succeeded in doing so [hugely]. looks to be very much for would be high seas of Space (the high ground of Frontier) people like me.
Welcome to the forums! We're happy to have you here. :)
Aug 24, 2020
Hi, I do not have any formal academic credentials as it pertains to any subject regarding astronomy or physics. Iam just a layman if you will, or a casual observer,
because math was never my strong suit.

But the Universe is a very interesting place.

Now, as far as what my world view is on all of this, Iam not as interested so much in HOW the universe works, but the WHY. I approach all of these mysteries from a philosophical and even a theological perspective. I believe in every college and university in the world there are two departments that tackle these mystères. Science and philosophy. I would love to hear from anyone who can go into detail about how these two 'schools' of thought are different and or similar. Because in college, I was a psychology student.

Within my world view, Iam much more interested in simply what the cosmos looks like on every relative scale. The topography I suppose.

Could our universe be shaped like a doughnut??!!

Or could our universe be a bubble inside of a body of water? If so, let's hope nothing pops a hole in it or we will all drown!!! Ha! Ha!. That was my attempt at humour!

My question has always been which group of people are going to be the first to figure out all of these mysteries....

The scientists or the philosophers?

I perceive this to be a race, who is going to cross the finish line first?

Another thing that interests me are the explanations that creation astronomers propose for some of the more fundamental mysteries of Astronomy. Because no feild of study or science has more theoetical "territory" if you will than astronomy does.

And the biggest question I have is how can you have anything that is less than nothing in terms of space. Eisenstein proved that time and space are one in the same fabric, so what is the essence of nothing when time and space ends, or before it began? This could be the key to understanding dimensions in reality that are beyond the third one. This is a fundamental question every layman has, what is the universe expanding into?

Basically, there are three fundamental ways to study the universe in terms of distance,
1) The solar system
2) Our Milky Way Galaxy
3) What liés beyond, or the cosmos

The first two are interesting, but number 3 is the most facinateing to me.

So I look forward to future dicussions and explanations to a number of different questions that I have been pondering ever since I simply decided to look up into the night sky for the first time!
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Jun 1, 2020
Hi Michael Varn,

Welcome aboard. You have several interesting questions that all would make good threads, so you may want to do one at a time.

There are some important differences between science and either religion or philosophy. It always helps to understand why science operates differently given it strength, but also weaknesses.
Sep 9, 2020
Hi everyone !
I'm Gordon from California ! I got interested in all things space related after buying Virgin Galactic stock back in Oct 2019. I can't believe space tourism is just around the corner for us ! Exciting times ! It will be interesting to see how popular space tourism is, how safe it is and how much the cost comes down over time ! I'm sure many other companies will be entering space tourism in the coming years once it 'takes off' !
Sep 9, 2020
Greetings! I just wanted to swing in and say "HI!".
I am currently the Operations Manager for a Houston based company. I have an abiding interest in all things space (and classic video games, but that's a whole different forum).
Sep 9, 2020
Hello everybody, I am Xolas (the name comes from the God creator of the Universe for the native Kaweskar people from where I live and come from: the southern Patagonia or the extreme south of the continent. with incredible clear nights (when they happen) to admire the stars around the celestial south pole. Im an astronomy/astronautics news fan. Im still studing english so my comments may look weird sometimes. But in spanish Im born good. :)
Sep 11, 2020
Retired process operator - 40 years
Secondary mechanic - 5 years
Secondary electrician - 10 years started thinking about faster than light electrons
Secondary instrumentation - 10 years
Built the first site intranet in my spare time.
ISO auditor 3 years
Built TDC graphics and CL control programs that saved millions
Company applied for 3 patents with me as originator
Currently a Volunteer fireman
Spend most of my spare time reading research.

The electrons over the years led from one thing to another.


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