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Jul 22, 2020
Hi everyone, nice to see the old forums up and running again.

I'm interested in most aspects of space science but I'm afraid I'm not very knowledgeable in any of them, so I'm mostly here to learn.
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Jul 28, 2020
Hi everyone, Marion here
I have so much passion about space and its inhabitant, i do have the feeling that we are not the only ones in the universe and am looking for a day when will we have intelligent lives discovered somewhere else...i do not have an education background in earth science or space but i find it interesting and had wish i studied something similar, i am open for educations tips on space... thank you for having me here my great people
Well here goes me:

I'm a retired NCO from the U. S. Air Force. Secondly, retired from University of Louisville. Thirdly, well those two are enough. In other words I'm reasonably old. Computers, information technology, and information processing were my specialties. Interests: History since the age of seven, 66 years in its study. People, peoples, events, all of it I can absorb. Space, time, physics, obviously, all my life since I can remember. Past 30 years more or less more concentrated. The Universe absorbs me when I let it. Family: Pretty large and very dear to me, also indulgent when it comes to my reading and study. I never stop learning. I seem to never stop dishing it out either every chance I get. To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, when I have eight hours to cut down a tree, I'll spend seven hours sharpening my ax. But Oh that last hour swinging away. When it comes to threads, I'm really no creator. I'm far more of a counter-puncher than a puncher (or, I mean, far more a responder than a creator). When I go short responses, hardly anyone immediately realizes where I am coming from. So I, from a very long time habit, go big in my responses, practically writing articles (as responses) to make a point.

By testing I was rated young an 'intuitive mathematician', later also by testing a 'visual mathematician'. I had no interest whatsoever in developing what might have been respecting mathematics. The capacity, the capability, was enough to take me as far as I wanted to go in everything I ever wanted to do. But now the lack severely limits me when otherwise I realize I can really go to town in dealing the cards on the Universe, as I see and realize it, of course. For a permanent apprentice concerning 'mathematical' physics, has allowed me a lot, and I mean a lot, of leeway in which to work my way with regard to the Universe at large. I'm thankful and as I go I'll try to lighten up. Try! promises. I hope I'm not bound for a short stay.

I'm glad to be here. I've always dreamed of roaming the Universe. seeing all the sights, and plumbing all its farthest reaches and deepest depths...and telling what I see. In my "mind's eye" I have succeeded [hugely]. looks to be very much for would be high seas of Space (the high ground of Frontier) people like me.

That's it. Hope I haven't bored anyone too greatly.
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Aug 22, 2019
I'm glad to be here. I've always dreamed of roaming the Universe. seeing all the sights, and plumbing all its far reaches and deepest depths.. In my "mind's eye" I have succeeded in doing so [hugely]. looks to be very much for would be high seas of Space (the high ground of Frontier) people like me.

Welcome to the forums! We're happy to have you here. :)
Aug 24, 2020
Hi, I do not have any formal academic credentials as it pertains to any subject regarding astronomy or physics. Iam just a layman if you will, or a casual observer,
because math was never my strong suit.

But the Universe is a very interesting place.

Now, as far as what my world view is on all of this, Iam not as interested so much in HOW the universe works, but the WHY. I approach all of these mysteries from a philosophical and even a theological perspective. I believe in every college and university in the world there are two departments that tackle these mystères. Science and philosophy. I would love to hear from anyone who can go into detail about how these two 'schools' of thought are different and or similar. Because in college, I was a psychology student.

Within my world view, Iam much more interested in simply what the cosmos looks like on every relative scale. The topography I suppose.

Could our universe be shaped like a doughnut??!!

Or could our universe be a bubble inside of a body of water? If so, let's hope nothing pops a hole in it or we will all drown!!! Ha! Ha!. That was my attempt at humour!

My question has always been which group of people are going to be the first to figure out all of these mysteries....

The scientists or the philosophers?

I perceive this to be a race, who is going to cross the finish line first?

Another thing that interests me are the explanations that creation astronomers propose for some of the more fundamental mysteries of Astronomy. Because no feild of study or science has more theoetical "territory" if you will than astronomy does.

And the biggest question I have is how can you have anything that is less than nothing in terms of space. Eisenstein proved that time and space are one in the same fabric, so what is the essence of nothing when time and space ends, or before it began? This could be the key to understanding dimensions in reality that are beyond the third one. This is a fundamental question every layman has, what is the universe expanding into?

Basically, there are three fundamental ways to study the universe in terms of distance,
1) The solar system
2) Our Milky Way Galaxy
3) What liés beyond, or the cosmos

The first two are interesting, but number 3 is the most facinateing to me.

So I look forward to future dicussions and explanations to a number of different questions that I have been pondering ever since I simply decided to look up into the night sky for the first time!
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Hi Michael Varn,

Welcome aboard. You have several interesting questions that all would make good threads, so you may want to do one at a time.

There are some important differences between science and either religion or philosophy. It always helps to understand why science operates differently given it strength, but also weaknesses.
Sep 9, 2020
Hi everyone !
I'm Gordon from California ! I got interested in all things space related after buying Virgin Galactic stock back in Oct 2019. I can't believe space tourism is just around the corner for us ! Exciting times ! It will be interesting to see how popular space tourism is, how safe it is and how much the cost comes down over time ! I'm sure many other companies will be entering space tourism in the coming years once it 'takes off' !
Sep 9, 2020
Greetings! I just wanted to swing in and say "HI!".
I am currently the Operations Manager for a Houston based company. I have an abiding interest in all things space (and classic video games, but that's a whole different forum).
Sep 9, 2020
Hello everybody, I am Xolas (the name comes from the God creator of the Universe for the native Kaweskar people from where I live and come from: the southern Patagonia or the extreme south of the continent. with incredible clear nights (when they happen) to admire the stars around the celestial south pole. Im an astronomy/astronautics news fan. Im still studing english so my comments may look weird sometimes. But in spanish Im born good. :)
Sep 11, 2020
Retired process operator - 40 years
Secondary mechanic - 5 years
Secondary electrician - 10 years started thinking about faster than light electrons
Secondary instrumentation - 10 years
Built the first site intranet in my spare time.
ISO auditor 3 years
Built TDC graphics and CL control programs that saved millions
Company applied for 3 patents with me as originator
Currently a Volunteer fireman
Spend most of my spare time reading research.

The electrons over the years led from one thing to another.
Oct 1, 2020
Hello friends, Wilson here. Well I'm a SpaceX fanatic. All these times of change are phenomenal and fantastic. We will see even more fantastic things. Of course, don't expect things like star wars the empire strikes back and all those messianic fallacies, you know, I mean like the lightsaber, the death star and going for a ride at warp speed and all those fallacies, Anyway, and all those things, I mean let's go slowly, space is infinite and we have time.
Oct 16, 2020
Hi I am William
People are going to start wondering about me if I keep posting so thought I would post up something for the profiling. I have been interested in space since I realized it existed much later than many other people most likely. I am a kook, my imagination growing up was way large, in that my first interests in space came from TV... around the same time, go figure, I had a couple waking dreams - classic close encounters thing waking up in bed with an alien staring at me across the room me paralyzed in bed.. bloody noses and such. My greys are shorter with darker grey slightly cracked/weathered skin but the large dark eyes are the same (no clue why). A mantis like (sorta like - they may use robotic probes that can travel with a type of phase cloaking), and very reptillian humanoid (don't like not lizard, they just have reptillian like phases not snout just angular face characteristics and they may be able to bend light or more than light to appear differently ie to look human). (different events). I do not necesiarily think I have actually seen aliens but I would not know if I did or not for real as the mind can play all kinds of tricks on you especially for brief instances. Although I do find it curious that each one my imagninary events represents a different evolutionary phase of development of life on Earth insects, reptiles, and the like not sure if that is why my imagination thought up those things, perhaps I created one species for each of the 4 evolutionary phases of Earth (four evolutionary phases that gave higher intelligence - imagination) I suspect that much of this would have occured during the cretaceous period 79 millions years may not seem like a long time but actually provides quite a bit of time compared to our few hundred thousand years of evolution. I guess I just want to beleive in Aliens, and my aliens just mostly happen to come from this solar system and lived and evolved on Earth go figure, creative mind. Obviously there would be more evidence of intelligent life if it existed on Earth in the past and occured between these events
  • Ordovician extinction. When: about 445 million years ago. Species lost: 60-70 percent. ... (not aware of anything coming out of this)
These ones are the interesting ones that link alien species to periods of life development on Earth.
  • Devonian extinction. When: about 375-360 million years ago. ...
  • Permian extinction. When: about 252 million years ago. ...
  • Triassic extinction. When: about 200 million years ago. ...
  • Cretaceous extinction. When: about 66 million years ago.

Although I am sure my imagination was made hyperactive by the pseudo documentaries on aliens I had watched around this same time that covered the greys, but not sure why my greys looked different were not tall had darker skin not sure why my mind modified them if I was just getting it from my imagination after watching Shatners Aliens show, can't remember the name but it was the early to mid 1990s it was a documentary on the greys I think can't fully remember it but vaguely remember watching it. It came out befor Earth Final Conflict, around the first time Xfiles came out, so 1993 or something. Mantis maybe 2001, and Repthing 2005 or so. I am a big fan of hypnosis so I think that I have a really active subconscious mind I am aware of that others might not be as in tune with, maybe not. I have tried brainwave atunement for brain tuning alpha delta theta etc.. wave stimulation. Fan of unlocking the mind overall just a way of keeping things fresh. (Also forgot the white suits again way overactive imagination, they like water but find earth really cold, they wear full body suits including covering their face.. also saw these at a nuclear site steam vent leak area not the radioactive water steam vent it was the secondary exhange system that was venting I think someone drugged me the day or day after at that one as I was tripping out that a reactor plant was going through some type of event and my hair was melting... pretty sure I was drugged for that probably just related to my adams apple being clothelined... one of the two of those ones though second one just felt likey they were doing a stop over to swim in the river and found it super super super cold. Man my imagination is crazy)
Yeah lets get real now.

Also have had crazy space dreams (I love my dreams, they are so vivid and clear, more contrastive than real life, especially my dreams with sound as I make music I have crazy beautiful otherwordly musical encounters unlike music I have heard before while awake it is so wonderful it has brought me to tears before it is just at times so beautiful and emotionally provoking loosing the sound is devestating it is that beautiful), as well as weird gate events with a presumed human scientist travelling either space or time through energy a type of gate teleportation into this timespace. Obiviously, my mind is overactive and sleep deprived at times. Also lots of dream premonition events but not recently. Use to get major migraine tears where all my senses and feeling are heightened and I am in moments of action but more or less blinded but I learned in part to see through it, major adrenaline boost when it happens,, but not really happening anymore - use to happen monthly now it is every year or so. It may relate to my forehead getting smashed in by a hardwood door being kicked into my skull but can't remember the order of events. I was also into electrical brain stimulation by introducing current to the skull through electrodes, much later on, imo transcrandial current stimulation actually does work to heighten areas of brain activity. I think it was too much calcium intake or chemical contamination or something. Way too much William Shatner, Aliens and Xfiles, etc.. big fan of star trek. I've been following space knowingly since the early 1990s. While I have a lot of scifi interests I am not to the level of fandom I think. I like technology spacetech etc, my first time really thinking about space was when the highschool I went to had a program called Techlab 2000 that exposed us to industrial technology but also things like aerodynamics, fullerenes, autocad, design of space tents, flight sim and other fun problem solving games. I was one of the few arts students to go out to the Space Society in University,it gave me the chance to learn more about space and the technical aspects. I still have an interest in Ham, Electronics, Rockets, material science, etc.. etc.. etc.. very aware of the technical stuff but I am not a mathy. Ive done a lot of things over time but my main hobby is music when I get around to it. I'm a free thinker so someone will eventually get frustrated with my non conforming views. I read articles on space periodically so am learning new things here and there. Was a big fan of the MarsOne project, totally love what is going on with development of new systems reuse concepts by SpaceX. My personal drive in technology is Carbon Based Technologies like Graphene, and I am always advocating carbon industry as a way of geoenengineering earth to fix the climate crisis issues while advancing our tech capabilities.

Also did SETI online in the past but I sadly was not cut for being part of that program as I got a red hit and immediately stunned turned off my computer. I realized I was not the right fit to help the SETI program. Fundamentally I do not believe time is fully linear. This also means I think that relative faster than light travel is possible.After my first alien fantasy event I designed a weird space ship that used cobolt electromagnetic drives to fly via earths magnetic field. this was my first scifi spaceship design that sort of just popped into my head. I think that many old ideas on alien tech and nose embedings etc.. were possibly carbon based technologies and we will be advancing to a carbon age that may be similiar to the imaginary alien technologies.

I had one near death experience that was also a space like event with my consciousness floating in a space/void with three streaks of energy two white light streaks and one red light streak in an expansive space... the presence of awe was like a gasp of breath to the extreme.

I've found some of the recent asteroid events to be very curious.

I occassionally game, but I am actually a strategy wargame and RPG person, but STO is my main time sink, when I get around it it. Currently inching my way through various space shows I never got around to watching. Just about finished the 4th season of Battlestar Galactica.. need to pick something new.

I actually graduated from Universtiy with an Honors History Major, with minors in Anthropology (with an archaeology focus), Applied Language Studies and Legal Studies - so totally culture not space tech. In fact I avoided the tech side of things when I decided to go to University to study humanity, as prior I went through an isolation period where I tried to figure out my meaning in life and spent some time thinking about human consciousness and artificial intelligence and such, it made me feel plastic so I opted to study culture rather than a STEM based subject because stimulus response made me feel inhuman and plastic. I do still have an interest in programming and ai, and theoretical science like time travel. I have a little bit of lab/tech type knowledge as I completed an advanced diploma in Museum Studies that included some conservation science although fairly introductory material degredation with not much math at all required. I also have some trades training in HVAC, electrical, plumbing and welding. Also a Brick and Stone masonry person. I also did a term of electrical engineering technology studies but wanted to improve my math before contining as while I passed felt I would get bombed once we got into more complex calculus and stuff, also needed to improve my boolean logic diagram layouts. But still I have some knoweldge of industrial systems and scada from reading, but defiantely intro on many science topics but with a fairly large awareness of it. Fun fact I was a glass explorer also. I am an off grid person at times putting together basic solar systems, nothing complex. I have lived in heavy isolation at times without ongrid services.
Oh also the archaeology and culture stuff led me back to space sort of.. as a research interest I picked up while studying the Maya led me to the Orion Mystery, that links to concept of Orion's belt and the three stones of the Hearth and Mayan Cosmology that is linked to space and the Zodiac.. it is my current main research focus colinked with the layout of Mayan sites that may mirror mayan cosmology or spaciality construction methods and Pakal's Telescope. It is sort of pseudoarchaeology but the stuff I have learned hasn't really ever been written about or researched to my knowledge and it sort of just works. So hopefully one day it will be more concrete.. but hopefully life will be long enough for me to get deeper into it. There are a bunch of things i am curious about with prehistory... mesoamerica and their knowledge ofthe planets colors and some other things I am wondering about in the ancient remnants of texts and alignments and use of spatial geometry to layout temples and important buildings that also ties into my interst of masonry.

I am an insomniac. My grandfather was an electrician on the Avro Arrow and worked for Avro, that is probably the closest to space I get in my family.

I enjoy reading and could write and write and write but I am sure you don't want to read and read and read. If you have any specific questions.

I am a thinker, and free minded person, minarchist libertarian, and social humanist. I really like technology. Lots of different exposures over the years. Just killing time. I am very live and let live. Sorry to the structuralists and fundamentalists in advance. My space swag is the only thing I could quickly take a photo of in the dark, a poster of the ISS. Overall just some dude who likes space and technology stuff. I find entertainment in prehistory, ancient human space faring, aliens and stuff. I would not doubt aliens exist.

Poster on Wall.

Nothing much has happened in the last few years of note compared to my earlier years. I'm pretty much just a bum these days waiting for this pandemic stuff to normalize and a vaccine to pan out before it hits the fan. Much of my reading time is going to Pandemic related medical and social stuff. I am a bit of a prepper at heart and love to exercise love working out in the gym and running trails. Love the ocean and swimming etc.. I am a very different unique person, some might even just desribe me as a socially divergent weirdo but I am a nice person at heart that really has no stakes or agenda with anyone.

What do you mean there is a word limit. Anyway. Ask if you have any questions. Save the dataplans!

Yours Truly,


PS I also claimed ownership of Mars once because I hadn't ever encountered anyone else ever claiming Mars thought I would get in before the bell since I belevie everyone has the right of self determination and sovreignty and was not a signatory to the outer space treaty. None the less, I very much enjoy space and am really much more down to earth than you would think from that introduction.

Someone tipped me off, popped back into my head, as I was working on getting to sleep. The Shatner show was "Sightings" I think. Maybe this except it doesn't seem William Shatner hosted it???
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Hi All,
I am Raghunath Tiruvaipati. I am the author of the book "Information Theory Of The Cosmos", the founder of The Astrophysics Research Organization - MXPlank

I am a self-professed physicist. By profession, I am a software architect.

I adore scientific research areas such quantum physics , astrophysics, computational neuroscience, quantum biology, genetics, quantum computing, quantum consciousness, philosophy, psychology and the origins of life and the universe.

I have a library of books in my home about Quantum Physics, AstroPhysics, Genetics, etc...I purchase books on Quantum Physics and Astrophysics every month.

Raghu is very passionate in exploring theories of consciousness, and dedicated his time to researching and writing about quantum theories of consciousness and related subjects.

My background is a MASTER's degree in COMPUTER SCIENCE and a bachelor's degree in MATHEMATICS, PHYSICS and CHEMISTRY .

He lives in Hyderabad, India
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Oct 28, 2020
Hey all!

I'm Al. I'm in total AWE the fact that we exist at all. Our Earth really is unique in the universe, in my opinion. No other place will have all this: stable solar system with the EXACT properties of ours, including the gas giants, a planet exactly the size of Earth, with a HUGE moon that stabilizes our orbit, our axial tilt, our massive core and magnetic field, a relatively friendly and stable SUN (and galaxy!), just the right amount of water, weather, land-to-water ratio, distance from the Sun, the length of our days and years and last, but not least, LIFE! None would be possible if our solar system wasn't created from the dust and gas from more than one supernovae explosion, which created ALL elements heavier than hydrogen and helium. We would not exist if stars didn't explode. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust, our mere existence is amazing.

And this is just in one galaxy! The billions of galaxies, trillions of stars and planets, seeing back in time, objects as they were and NOT as they are. Mind-boggling!
Oct 29, 2020
Greetings. Asked by Mohamed to introduce myself. Am retired and one of my hobbies is writing a Sc-Fi novel called Purple Fruit (🤔). It's more towards the hard Sci side so factual stuff about Space is useful. Read a lot of books bot Space and AI both fact and fiction so building up on layman's knowledge. On aspect I like dwelling on is Alien visitation. It's the one thing us Humans need to stop us in our tracks and rethink where we are going.

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Oct 30, 2020
Hello everyone,
I am Mavu10.Nice to meet you all.I am new to this forum.I don't know much about cosmology,astronomy or anything but I would sure Love to learn.I Used to believe in fairy tales but at some point I realized that reality is as magical as it can get.After all we are living on a rock almost covered by water that orbits a ball of fire!
I like watching the night sky And wondering what And who else might be out there.I Love Physics and want to learn More about everything.After all that's why I joined this forum.Excited to learn from you all.
Nov 1, 2020
Hello everybody am Victor Ruto,am from Kenya and a flight student here in kenya.Am glad to have joined the team i have always dreamt of.I like watching NASA discoveries,lauching of Space x motivated me alot and wish one day i could be part of those flying into the space.
Hello, it is Alain Serhal from space.
I am from Light and never walk again into Darkness.
I have studied my Bachelor of Science in the Empire State College of New York and I got my certification from USA signed by Condoleezza Rice but I live now in Lebanon because of my work. It is my dream to live in USA.

Furthermore, I am a Quantum Mechanics Developer and I am also a Senior Creative Designer.
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Nov 9, 2020
Hi everybody,
this is Sophia from Birmingham! Let me introduce myself in this weird and lonely time:
I was born in Oregon, in the United States. I've received my BS in Physics from the California Institute of Technology in 2003 and a PhD in Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2010. From 2009 to 2011 I was a postdoctoral researcher at Northwestern University, and from 2011 to 2013, I was a CIERA fellow at Northwestern’s Center for Interdisciplinary Exploration and Research in Astrophysics. I came to Birmingham in 2013. This is my first job outside the US as a lecturer here. And I'm enjoying stargazing from the United Kingdom. My father is French and my mother American.

I would like to meet interested people and scientist from this forum!
As an astronomy geek and absolute stargazer, I hope this community forum will welcome me!
Nov 11, 2020
Hail fellow Spacers and well met.
I am David. I was one of the original members of Uplink forums as the Mental_Avenger. That was when Uplink had over 500,000 members. I was a member for about 10 years with somewhere around 18,000 posts. For two years I was a Moderator under the name Shadow. You will find posts by both of those names all over the recovered forum posts. Be forewarned, I say what I mean, and I mean what I say.

I have a strong background in the sciences of Astrophysics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Physics is my friend. Physics explains everything except people.

When I was very young, we had My Book House, the Book Of Knowledge, and another large set of books at home. I think I read every one of them. By the time I was in High School, I had also read about 2000 Science Fiction books. That gave me an incredible vocabulary. My favorite subject in school (besides the sciences) was English Grammar.
When speaking or writing, I use the most succinct and most accurate words. That often leads to some people making derisive comments insinuating arrogance or pretension. I often use the term “ignorant” or “ignorance” to point out the lack of knowledge regarding a particular subject a person exhibits. That in no way insinuates stupidity, nor is it name-calling. It is in fact, exactitude of meaning. I just wanted to clear that up to avoid possible future misunderstandings.
I am not a sesquipedalian In fact I tend to be eminently more succinct, while at the same time, truculently punctilious. I can be surreptitiously pertinacious, and somewhat fastidious, preferring exactitude over inaccuracy.

I am looking forward to seeing some of the old gang around here again.

Speed of Light = 1.802,614,041,067,005 MegaFurlongs/MicroFortnight
Hi new member here Debby Q. Love your use of words most people cannot identify with. They would probably be intense to say that they are superfluous.
Dec 23, 2020
Hello everyone,

I'm new to the Space Forum and excited to meet fellow space fanatics.
I follow space programs from all countries. Like to track space statistics and accomplishments.
My avatar is a photo from when I had the opportunity to go on board Space Shuttle Discovery.
Glad to see the US back in space with Space X!
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