Life Designing Space (Terra-Forming Space)

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The Earth billions of years ago did not design life to suit its environment of the time. Life reworked and designed the environment to suit life. In [in-space] colonization we will be designing environments to suit life and facilitate our needs and wants, not the other way around. Life will continue to be technically inventive and creative with matter masses, energies, spaces, and time, not trying to fit life to fit into the severe limitations of what is there.
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True. We can make an Earth from granite but it will react toxically at the core. Smaller planets will not have gravity enough without "Faceoff" scene. Devices like diamond anvil cells will need to be banked to render toxins inert. I imagine GJ_3512 has sulfur. It can be converted to soil or batteries. Pressing it in the millions of atmospheres will turn it inert. We might dispense with plastic into graphene instead of incinerator as a route there. Ice Moons tend to be plasticky over time. Rocky worlds are healthier for VIPs. In a million years we might try a world with artificial nanorod scaffolding and real water shores. Perhaps initial nanorods can be used to harness magnetic energy of a more powerful object to make more dense materials.
Sulfur and sulfides is good for quantum dots, some sensors, superconductors, water splitting...100000 atm is maybe enough to render sulfur inert for terraforming. Their Callisto is weathered Si with some frozen gases at -100C. In general -32C is when water melts causing toxins in the air. The hot route avoids water. I'll try to bring back 10k and 90k will stay on GJ_3512. There are six targets for Earth:
A homeworld 45 LYs away from Betelgeuse. 0.9g. Sulfur and Ammonia. 30C. 20 elemental gases in the air to filter out. The surface shouldn't outgas. 80 LYs out is a waterworld 10% land. It is sulfur an ocean. Needs to be dried out. 10 planets. There are 30 long period comets only near Mizar. 4th is 168 LYs away from Betelgeuse is the nicest homeworld. 1.02g after removing ice from 1.1g and melting it to 0C. It is with flora nearly, enzymes. The organics are also toxic. Granite. Bad system good star.
200LY away from the plane is the nicest N world around. It is nearly inert from fire despite being 12% O2 atmosphere. The last is another ice moon rocky hybrid, this one mineable. You'll need pilots with a brain mutation to get dozens of LYs out.
These are meant for 1M+ 10 millenia+. The 90 LY ice moon is Geordi's visor from air. They all have tidal waves, here daily and 100km across 1000km long, lasting a million more yrs. Corrosive water needs an asteroid tablet and the ice under is still corrosive. 10% oxygen near shore. Has 10x Earth's Be and 1.5x precious metals. 10ft under water and into the 1.8 density granite oxygen caves can be made. 35000ft mastiffs will be 30000ft.
45 LY away is the 1B people surface solar NASA starter 10 LY away more travel than mine, shaking ground releases metal dust. I might stay at GJ and return to Sol with NASA a 2nd and final time. The water world is 80% water but needs 1km of granite between the crust or less if better materials. Water tanks for a millenia, okay. Orange yellow grey blue oceans erode anything above 5000ft. Digging into sulphur yields middle weight elements, even intact asteroids. The superior atmosphere distant one is 1% inert gases, $1Q. 1% fluorine needs 10x reduction at least. 15% max oxygen; hollows can be oxy-ed.
Rain in 100000yrs. Ammonia water worlds are there for life. Sulfur outcompetes 30 water ammonia reactions. 300C-500C nitrogen formation temperature makes nitrides keeping it from lost to space or making nitrous oxide. I can make .5g worlds without nanorods. Birds at 0.6g. Healthy human skeletons at 0.8g. W/ nanorods, Mizar's area yields ice moon eventually non-toxic rocky aggregates: 6, with artificial mega fixtures dropped into the scaffolding. The brown dwarf water world the other wistful branch point, enables somewhat terraforming Ammonia. The tidal wave world is in between them w/ spare ice in space to allocate.
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