Pentagon UFO office finds 'no empirical evidence' for alien technology in new report

Jan 26, 2020
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Two things to point out. The first is that ANYTHING related to the government, should not be believed. They lie constantly to their people, why would anyone think a topic this sensitive would be any different? The second point is cases go WAY further than before the technology this report talks about even existed. Another point, related to the first is that videos and reports were leaked out; this is the government's attempt to be "transparent" but a way to cover up once more and cover their asses for being exposed. Whether there is anything or not, these are the facts that make it hard for this report to be taken seriously and that it is an honest, transparent report.
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Mar 9, 2024
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Perhaps the article summary is missing key points of the report, but if this panel of self proclaimed experts cannot find solid evidence in light of so much eye witness testimony, then assert that 'there's nothing out there' -- they need to be sacked and replaced immediately. An investigation into the committee may reveal deep corruption, and probable a religious bias if not involvement in higher level coverups.
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