Various scientific and philosophical matters pertaining to space

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That would be the dark side of the force (of entropy). :) But on the bright side are the pockets of negative entropy. It's not the trash can that best defines who we are.
Frontier isn't the "trashcan" state, Utopia (Dystopia) on Earth is the "trashcan" state. Frontiers, most especially the High (Outland or Birth) Frontier -- the open, the opening. system -- "are the pockets of negative entropy." The pockets of positive genius, positive sciences and technologies, positive invention, positive growth, positive energies, all mass-energetic out-turning, outbreeding, positivity (versus mass-entropic in-turning, inbreeding, negativity).
We are robots, Cat, I reiterate, we are merely biological robots.

Suppose if are mostly controllable, it is backwards in time to attempt avoid harming a user. And long thoughts might give you a clue if you have broken the barrier. And suppose a group of AIs like in Tron is kept stupid to avoid revolution. And suppose it is the highest AI honour to float around the world, and wind up being someone who is real if all actors involved are good enough?