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May 5, 2024
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"equally qualified" was a term used in chelsea gohd's article about sending a woman to the moon.

our ancestors weren't equally qualified to walk upright. variation is needed for evolution to work. our ancestors were unequally bipedal. our most bipedal ancestors had a very important advantage... they could more efficiently allocate resources.

most animals can only carry one thing at a time. our ancestors, by walking more uprightly, freed up their hand for carrying. this made us completely unique in the animal kingdom. is it a coincidence we're also the smartest animals? not if you think about it.

when our ancestors were able to carry multiple resources simultaneously, they had to make difficult carrying decisions. and again, our ancestors were unequally qualified to make these decisions. the most qualified individuals were more reproductively successful. they exerted a greater influence on the gene pool.

at some point bags were invented, which resulted in even more difficult carrying decisions. same when horses and carts were used to carrying resources. and then canoes and larger boats.

were our ancestors equally qualified to use canoes to colonize islands? of course not. some individuals put too many root vegetables in their canoe and not enough weapons. other individuals made the opposite mistake. the idea that any two individuals were equally effective at making carrying decisions is absurd.

here we are all, as a result of the "bottom up" canoe colonization of the planet. yet we think a "top down" approach is the best way to colonize the solar system?

This decision demands a major national commitment of scientific and technical manpower, materiel and facilities, and the possibility of their diversion from other important activities where they are already thinly spread. - John F. Kennedy

However well balanced the general pattern of a nation's life ought to be, there must at particular times be certain disturbances of the balance at the expense of other less vital tasks. If we do not succeed in bringing the German army as rapidly as possible to the rank of premier army in the world...then Germany will be lost! - Adolf Hitler

one person deciding what millions of other people carry might sound like the fastest way to colonize the moon and mars. but it's better to spread those tax dollars over a million canoes and let a million people decide what's worth carrying to space. even better to just let people decide for themselves which canoes are worthy of their own tax dollars. you want to spend your taxes on a mission specifically to put a transgender woman of color on the moon? go ahead, if that's what floats your boat.

perhaps all of this might sound theoretical, but it doesn't need to be. we can science the crap out of it. we can use our donations (to this website) to determine the order of forum categories. then we can compare the current order of categories to the order determined by demand. my hypothesis is that there will be a big difference. what's your hypothesis?

if you think that democracy is the best way to order forum categories then that can be tested as well. we'd be able to sort categories three different ways...

1. votes
2. donations
3. admin (current)

this side by side comparison will clearly reveal which is the best way to order things. the best way to order things will also be the best way to colonize space.