Some UFO records must be released, US Congress says

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IMO, all of these UFO/UAP reports/sightings should be in a central database so all can see.

Pentagon UFO office unveils official website for US government personnel to report sightings,

Perhaps *science* can show that ET phoning home evolved via abiogenesis using HCN too.

Saturn moon Enceladus harbors key ingredient for life,
'Truth' is treated as a conclusive singularity which mistakes what it actually is which is an accurate accounting of something from a particular point of view with some limited input with limited understanding based on limited experience,
which means it can be misleading.

Similarly 'conspiracy' (which is a science fact per 2017) is equally treated as a singular conclusive lie, which also misunderstands fragmentary, complex reality.

We always operate on limited data, limited experience and limited sensory apparatus.
Most things go on as the intersections of multiple generally fragmentary factors.

'Rogue waves' were treated as anecdotal nonsense in contradiction to theory until one happened to be caught by instrumentation at the right time and place.

i am reasonably confident that something is going on that very likely is actively, consciously avoiding observation and awareness.
That is SOP for governments, corporations and other human and possibly non-human organizations.

When the 'science community' is still espousing 'dark matter' like gravity spackle to try and 'explain' what we think we are observing,
there is an abundance of unknown physics to potentially draw upon.

Mature adults should keep thier 'powder dry' and try not to go hyperbolic if possible.

Me? I've got my hyperbolic helmet on for a glee ride i just KNOW is gonna happen.
Mar 31, 2020
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Disturbing facts continue to come forward. The DoD are going to the wall, to lie, misdirect and cover up information regarding UAP's. The DoD continually try to pull the wool over our eyes, sweeping the truth under the rug, but congress will not back down. We should all be proud of the effort of this brave bipartisan group. Let us hope the truth prevails in the end.

We are not alone. Intelligent lifeforms are observing us. They do not wish to contact us. They do not wish to be discovered. The majority of us believe there is intelligent life beyond earth. Let us now see the evidence proving once and for all, they are here.
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